Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's Release Day!

Today, in case you've misplaced any time this week, is August 1st. Do you know what that means? That it's the official release date for Whispers from the Shadows!

I don't know about you, but I'm excited. ;-) July has been a blast with the loooooong giveaways, and now I'm looking forward to basking with my newest book-baby.

You can read the official blurb here, but since you may have already done that, I thought I'd write something fresh today. Some behind the scenes. =)

Ring of Secrets includes the first chapter of this one in the back, so it's not exactly a spoiler to share that the book begins with the murder of my heroine's father. She's British, and given that they are once again at war with America, I needed a really good reason to send my heroine to the U.S. At first I'd planned for her father to have died in a rather typical way--illness--and she went to Maryland to obey his dying wish.

Which, yeah. Isn't much motivation. Not enough to send her through a blockade and all that. Plus, there was no urgency. So I thought to myself, "Okay...what if he sends her to keep her safe? And what if instead of illness, he's murdered??"

Muuuuch more interesting. =)

Still. When I sent that chapter to my editor for inclusion in Ring of Secrets, I believe her response was something along the lines of "What? YOU KILL FAIRCHILD? You're kidding, right? He's not really dead, is he? He comes back later? RIGHT??" ;-)

It's a suggestion she made several times, in several ways, LOL. But hey, starting with such a sad ending for Fairchild is what inspired me to write Fairchild's Lady, so readers would know he'd been happy between the books. =)

So here we are with Gwyneth, daughter of Isaac Fairchild, and Thaddeus Lane, son of Winter and Bennet. Thad was an interesting hero because he's so stinking good. He's nice, he's personable, everybody loves him, and he's a man of rather staggering faith. I mean, this guy can hear the Spirit's whisper so clearly... How was I to make him likable then?? LOL. Well, he has a few secrets that come halfway through, tied to his first wife. He also has a bit of a hero-complex. He has to save the day. Every day. So what happens when he can't?

Gwyn was a lot of fun to write too. She's suffering from some severe post-traumatic stress, which results in extreme insomnia. Nothing livens up a book like hallucinations and a heroine that might just fall over asleep in the middle of a conversation, right? ;-)

And of course, a cast of secondary characters that I just adore. You should totally rush to get a copy and get to know them. ;-) (Subtle, right?)

So Happy Birthday, Gwyn, Thad, and the rest of the Whispers crew! I'm so happy to welcome you officially into the world, where I pray you'll engage, enthuse, and most of all, make people stop for a moment and wonder if the Spirit whispers in their ear like He does in Thad's.

I guess I'll close today with something that still makes me giddy. =)

In this second installment of the Culper Ring series, Thad Lane gathers information for the American government during the War of 1812. When Gywneth Fairchild—daughter of a British general—escapes London after witnessing her father’s murder, she finds refuge with the Lane family, whom her father had assured her were friends despite the war between their countries. Gwyn then battles a crippling despair that threatens her health and her budding feelings for Thad, who is likewise drawn to her. As the British menace Washington and Baltimore, Gwyn and Thad’s relationship must reckon with family secrets and forces both spiritual and military. White (Ring of Secrets) skillfully illustrates depression and PTSD in the traumatized Gwyn. Secondary characters shine—new readers will likely seek the first installment to acquaint themselves further. The characters’ Christian faith is artfully integrated into their personalities, words, and actions. The combination of romantic tension, spiritual contention, and wartime intrigue makes for an engrossing, entertaining read.
                                                                             ~ Publisher's Weekly


  1. Did you ever decide on what message you'll use when signing the book? :) I've been curious since you asked for suggestions a few weeks ago.

    1. Sure did, and it was the one YOU suggested. =) I have your copy of it sitting here, but I'm a wee bit behind on sending things out, LOL. You came up with the exact one I did, though!

    2. Oh wow. That's so neat! I guess great minds do think alike! ;) Can't wait to read it!

      I saw below that you homeschool. I was homeschooled all the way from K-12. It's definitely the way to go! :)

    3. Oh, fun! I went to public school, and by the time I escaped (LOL), I had made up my mind to homeschool my kids someday. We had some moments of frustration in the first year, but now we really love it. It's awesome to be so involved in their schooling, and to tailor-fit the education for them.

    4. Yeah, it's good to know exactly what your kids are learning. From what I hear, public school just keeps getting worse. I loved being homeschooled. :) I was well prepared for college when the time came. :)

    5. Oh, did you need my address?
      Looking forward to reading it! :)

  2. Great question, Amy. I had forgotten about that!

    Roseanna, I can hardly wait to read this series. The more I hear about it, the more antsy I become. :)


  3. This is awesome! I am so excited! I know this book is going to do super well on the market, especially when I get that billionaire husband. =) Then everyone's going to become addicted to the sweet awesomeness of your books and buy every single one of your other books.

    1. Well sheesh, get on the ball, will you? ;-)

      In the meantime, I appreciate your prayers and enthusiasm! =)

  4. So excited! Absolutely can't wait to read this story!

  5. Congratulations!!

    You must be thrilled.

  6. Thanks so much, everybody! I get to celebrate by paying a visit to the WV board of education and switching my kids from MD homeschool register to WV's. =)

    Nothing like the glamorous life of a writer, right?

  7. What a FABULOUS review from PW. SOOO exciting! Hope you're having fun celebrating today! ANd folks, this book is WON-DER-FUL. Do NOT miss it.

  8. Congrats on the release, Roseanna! I can't wait to read this! :)