Wednesday, July 24, 2013

30 Days of Giveaways ~ Day 24

First, if you jump over to Colonial Quills today, there's a review of Whispers from the Shadows with a giveaway of it! I know some of you already have Ring of Secrets, so you might be interested in getting that new one.  =)

Can you believe there are only 6 left in the giveaway?? And only three for the beautiful Pen, Ink, and Paper set! Though still quite a few chances to win Ring of Secrets. =) Yesterday's winner is:

Jill Haggard!

The Silvery Plume Pen and Ink Set

Now for today.

Remember When . . . She Chose the Gown?

As I took my early morning walk one day last week, I was brainstorming my next book, How Do I Love Thee? (Let Me Count the Ways Series, Harvest House, 2014) and musing about the ones already out. Somehow or another, my thoughts about those melded with my thoughts about my friend's upcoming wedding in which I'm honored to be a bridesmaid.

And I decided it would be fun to talk weddings and dreams with you all today. =)

As a romance writer, weddings come up. LOL Though I don't always write the wedding itself, you can bet there's one at least alluded to at the end. Sometimes I actually get to include it in the story. Sometimes I just leave it in my imagination. But I know I'm not alone in sighing blissfully at the thought of flowing white dresses, bounteous flowers, and promises of forever.

In my first published book, A Stray Drop of Blood, there is indeed a wedding in the middle of the book...but not exactly a huge celebration. It's biblical, and I'm afraid Abigail didn't have what we'd call a gown. But she would have worn a new linen garment and the ruby necklace her bridegroom gave her.

In Jewel of Persia, Kasia finds herself wed to the king of Persia. There was no formal wedding ceremony for a mere concubine--just a contract, the time of preparation, and then the night she was brought to him. But I have these lovely pictures of my cover model, so imagine her looking something like this as she gazes into the eyes of her beloved.

My next book was Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland. Set in 1784, the book begins with a betrothal on the rocks and takes the readers through Lark's escape from the emotionally-withdrawn Emerson, to Annapolis, and eventually back to her home in Williamsburg. Lark's wedding dress would have been a fine gown (not necessarily white), which she would have worn again after her wedding. Her family was well-to-do, so it would have been fine indeed. Perhaps like one of these. =)

Then we jump back a few years to Ring of Secrets. Winter Reeves was of strong Long Island stock, more comfortable in homespun than the fine silks her grandparents forced upon her. She does, however, keep a nice gown for her wedding--still, it would be something she would feel comfortable in. I'd loved to have seen her in one like this:
In Whispers from the Shadows, Gwyneth arrives in Maryland with only one trunk of dresses, and she hasn't the time or inclination to shop for more. For her wedding, she would have chosen something directly from her wardrobe. Perhaps even this one. ;-)

In book 3 of the Culper Ring Series, Marietta is widowed. For her first wedding, all the stops would have been pulled out. She was marrying one of the wealthiest men in Maryland, after all. So let's imagine her simpering in a Victorian beauty like this:

My next one is back to the Regency, in England this time. Maybe, when it comes time for Arabelle to marry, she'll choose something like this.

I hear my soon-to-be-the-bride friend has chosen a dress with lots of frill and pouf--and I can't wait to see it!! I always thought I'd pick out a ball gown to get married in. But I opted for a more modern, strapless look for my wedding, something simple because I married my hubby at the beach.

And I love it still. =) What about you? I want to see your dream dresses too! Like...

Abbi Hart's 50s-inspired dream dress

Bookishqueen, perhaps something like this?
Jennifer F. wants a corset-back, A-line dress.
Ice-blue mermaid style for Salyna

What did you always dream your wedding gown would look like?
If you're married, what dress did you in fact choose?

Feel free to post links to pictures, and I'll add them to the post!!

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  1. My wedding gown was all satin and lace and frills. Very Fairy Tale. It was beautiful & I felt like a princess.

  2. I have a pattern for my wedding dress, which I will eventually put to use. Not that I can sew, but I'll hire someone to do it. It's a ballgown with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a gold overlay which is what struck my interest (my favorite color at the time was gold).

    Thanks for sharing all the neat photos, especially the one of you and your hubby on the beach. Great photo to remember a fantastic day!


  3. Long-sleeved with small lace flowers, gown to the floor with a train that buttoned up in the back on two loops ~ a dozen long-stemmed yellow roses. I love your wedding photo! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  4. I do not know. Something not too big, but not a straight skirt. Not fancy or overdone or too modern. Something more classic and beautiful. I guess it also depends on what type of wedding you are having and where your location is. Sometimes the location determines the gown.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. A ball gown made of silk :o)

  6. I always wanted a white silk dress with lace and a flower wreath in my hair....and that is what I wore. :)

  7. I want a dress with a corset back and lace, probably an A-line because it tends to be more flattering for me. And gerbera daisies to carry :)

  8. I love talking weddings! I'm nowhere near getting married (not even a boyfriend) but I have decided that I really want to have a 50's themed wedding with a tea length lacy dress (kinda like this: I've even started a pinterest board ( with my ideas and it's been fun! Who knows if it'll actually happen-but it's fun to dream!

  9. I dream that it will have the cut more like what yours was, but it will have blue in it rather than being completely white.

    1. Oo, I love hints of color!! I added a photo to the post that was my best approximation of what you describe. =)

  10. My dream wedding dress was a classic style. It had lots of lace, and went to the floor with a long train. cespeary (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. Just wished for a plain and simple dress. I dont like dressing up
    Chris Granville

  12. I've always like mermaid dresses, I don't know why but I find them lovely. Since I have started reading historical novels and hearing that white used to be a funeral color and blue was the wedding color, I have wanted a blue tint to my dress. I still want white though, but if it somewhat looks light blue when the light hits it that would be perfect!

  13. Mine was rather old-fashioned looking: ivory satin with ivory lace over the bodice, lace insets in the ankle-length skirt (twirls marvelously for dancing and short enough to avoid stepping on), elbow-length lace sleeves, and pearls and satin roses at hip and opposite shoulder. I almost didn't add the sleeves, since I figured it would be hot, but they really made the dress. No poof whatsoever - it was simply too hot to deal with any extra layers under the skirt.

  14. Hallo Ms. White,

    I appreciate designs that are simple yet elegant, with noddings to the Renaissance, the Regency, and the Victorian eras. I haven't yet settled on one particular style or dress, as I am a singleton, but I want something that isn't flash or glam, yet suits my personality and has a bit of me in the stylings. I do love a full bodice, a modest train, and softer fabrics rather than starchy. I wouldn't mind wearing a cloak over the dress either!

    PS: As for the CQ giveaway, there was a FB REQ which makes participating unavailable to me. Sorry.

  15. Haven't happened yet; don't dream about it

  16. Fun post! My dress was a simple cream, tea length dress with a tropical flair to match our Hawaiian wedding.

  17. My wedding dress in 1982 contained a lot of different laces and materials. There were three laces, only two of which I remember - Chantilly and venice(?) It had a high neckline, long puffy sleeves, and dropped waist. The upper back was sheer. The lace was on the bodice and went down to the hips. The skirt was taffeta with a chiffon overlay. It was kinda warm for an August wedding in MO. Thank heaven for air conditioning! Oh, let's not forget the train I put up in a bustle for dancing - that my husband then stepped on and tore :)

  18. Mine was simple but BEAUTIFUL. No train, but still lovely (it was a budget thing LOL). You can see some of it in my profile pic at FB. Would have LOVED something a touch more elaborate - but I'm fine. :)

    And by the way - I got a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday - and I'm already through the first four chapters. Loving it!

  19. Mine was tier upon tier of lace. The sleeves were narrow and long, coming to a point at the wrist. Massive train. Almost a full length veil. It was 1982 :) I'll look for a photo and see about posting it on my blog somewhere.

  20. My dress choice now might be a little different, but I always wanted an ivory color - which is what I chose. :) It had a very short train with shorter lace sleeves and a v neck. Lots of beading on the bodice...and it may have been on clearance and a fabulous deal too!

  21. Thanks for sharing..
    I like these wedding,they are so beautiful..

    White and Yellow