Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Remember When . . . Song of Solace

Back in the fall, I shared a bit about a biblical idea I had and asked for some help with titles. Well, I'm happy to say that I've settled on a title, and the book is slated for publication in fall of 2014!

Song of Solace will be my third biblical fiction with WhiteFire. I'm only two chapters in, and will be writing it between my Harvest House books, so I need a nice cushion of time there. =) But I'm excited!

In a nutshell, Song of Solace takes the parable Jesus tells of the wedding feast and sets it in the time of Abraham. The righteous king who cannot get anyone to attend his son's wedding is Mechizedek. The guest who refuses the wedding garments is the antagonist, someone from my heroine's past. And my heroine is Aziza, of the house of the Pharaoh. I have nothing even remotely resembling a blurb or synopsis at this point, but let's see what I can toss together here real quick. =)

Daughter of Egypt...Son of Melchizedek

Aziza, sister of Pharaoh, has brought a curse onto her brother's house. The vizier is the only one who denies it, and he dares to only because of an echo of childhood love. She knows that if she hopes to avoid the underworld much longer, she must escape Egypt. Must follow the path of the song always whispering through her spirit, calling her across the inhospitable deserts of the Red Lands.

When Zedek, son of Melchizedek, agreed to search for a wife, he never expected the journey to take him all the way to Egypt. He and his father, who once rode the waves of the Great Flood, agree that his bride must serve the Most High. And what maiden in Egypt possibly could? But when he sees the Pharaoh's hated sister, he cannot deny the voice of wind within him that says she is the one with whom he is to build his nation. He will not wed her until she loves El Elyon with all her heart, as he does...but he will take her back to Salem with him to learn the ways of the Lord, despite the warning Pharaoh gives of the curse she will bring with her.

And it seems a curse--or a battle beyond their vision--does indeed follow. All the world seems set against their match...and as Aziza and Zedek pursue the soaring song of love and praise, it seems all the world will tremble in protest.

Combining Jesus's parable of the wedding feast with the mysterious Old Testament world of Abraham and Melchizedek, Song of Solace will sweep you into a past lost to the sands of time and make you strain to hear the melody of the Spirit.

So. I have about a year to write this baby, and then a few months for editing. Doable, I hope, though this one's going to require lots of original research. But I'm excited! Here is my opening paragraph (as it stands right now. Who knows if it'll make it intact to the final version, LOL.)

Aziza held her breath and hugged the shadows when a guard strode by, his spear at the ready. And prayed to Amun-Ra, the hidden one, to hide her as well. To Thoth, that he might turn the face of his luminous moon for just a moment. She would have sent up a petition to Isis too, for good measure, but the guard turned the next corner, and her breath eased out in relief.


  1. Ooooooh. (That's me excited and speechless!)

  2. That sound amazing! I absolutely *adore* the cover!


  3. Thanks, all! It's going to be a fun one. =) And yeah, when I saw that profile, I just knew it would make a fun cover...after I Egypted it up a little. ;-)

  4. Your cover is lovely! Can't wait for this one :)

  5. Sometimes tossing something together "real quick" gives a book a freshness and excitement ... and I hope that's your fun and fulfilling experience with "Song of Solace". (What a lovely title!) Enjoy the journey!