Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thoughtful About . . . New Projects & Retreats

Well, it is nearly time for the event I've been counting down to since last June--a writing retreat with my best friend/critique partner! We're renting a cabin, settling down with our laptops, and taking three whole days (and two partial ones) to do nothing but WRITE! Heaven!!

That's tomorrow. Today I need to get everything ready, LOL. Kinda short on time!
Peek of just a corner of the
cover for the free novella!

Which, of course, is when a new project comes along. =) A fun one, but one that can't be put off. I'm working with Harvest House on a free novella that takes place between Ring of Secrets and Whispers from the Shadows. We're all very excited about it, and it needs to be turned in (cover, edits, etc) by tomorrow--and included in it we need a title for a second free story that was just brought up yesterday. So I'm scrambling to come up with a plot so that I can title it, LOL.

Any ideas? Anyone? ;-) I know the setting is 1835 and who the characters are, a basic plot. Title still eluding me...

So I'd better spend my few free minutes working on that. I know you'll understand. ;-)

But don't forget to check out the Colonial Quill, where I took my spy-name game yesterday! And also up today is a post I put together for Go Teen Writers asking some of the CBA's top editors how they got into their jobs and what they love/hate about it. It's a fun one!

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