Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Remember When...The Countdown Began?

Ring of Secrets is thiiiiiiis close to releasing, y'all! Okay, so maybe thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close. ;-) I know some stores will stock it beginning February 18, though other places are listing March 1 as the official T-0 day. Either way, I just realized last night that my author copies will be arriving within a couple weeks. Squeeeeee!!!!

Which means I have to get my promotion machine in order! =) Some things you have to look forward to once it's up and running...

  • Online games including:
~ Pick your own spy name
~ Scavenger Hunt
~ Secret messages to decode

  • A kick-butt giveaway featuring:
~ Ring of Secrets (obviously)
~ This one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted  Winter Reeves doll
~ A one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted cameo necklace inspired by the book
~ A leather journal
~ A quill pen
~ Other stuff yet to be selected

  • Guest posts on:
~ Seekerville - "The Intuitive Writer"
~ Novel Rocket - "The Writer's Race"
~ Go Teen Writers (with a fun contest where the winner gets to help me name a character from Book 3!)
~ Tea Party at Colonial Quills
~ Several blogs (want me on yours? Just let me know! I'm happy to interviews or guest posts!)
  • A free novella! (Details are being worked out now with the team at Harvest--this will probably release midway between Ring of Secrets and Whispers from the Shadows, and the "how" will be solidified in the next couple weeks.)
I'm getting really excited, in case you can't tell. =) And since I spent January thus far editing WhiteFire novels and critiquing and doing cover designs and all that other stuff that isn't writing, I didn't have any new, fun historical tidbits to share, so you get to hear about it, LOL.

I'm also considering putting together a Revolutionary Spy Master's Toolkit. With quills, vials of invisible ink, a code book...but this would be pure novelty. Anyone actually interested in this??

And which item are YOU most looking forward to, O Reader of Mine? The giveaway? The name-a-character contest? The book itself?


I'm also up on the Colonial Quill today! Stop by for some wit from Ben Franklin to propel you through the rest of your week. =)


  1. Actually, the Revolutionary Spy Toolkit sounds pretty intriguing and a great "hands-on" way to understand the actions in the book. I'm really looking forward to the release!

    1. It would be fun to put together too. =) Maybe I'll make 2 of them--one for my live events, and one to give away in some clever fashion online. ;-)

      I know my experiments with invisible ink helped me write those scenes, so that's a very good point! =)

  2. It ALL looks good. But the book is, of course, what I'm most looking forward to (but you probably already knew that!). The tool kit DOES sound cool -and all the other stuff.

    And I'm pondering asking you about a guest post. May email you shortly. Wouldn't be "typical" of a blog tour-type thing. Will see.

    Oh - and I'm EXCITED for you. In case you didn't know LOL.

    1. I do know, and am so glad to have you sharing the joy with me. =)

  3. All of the above. Is that a good answer? I think all of your ideas sound great.

    I am soo excited that Ring of Sercrets is almost here! I read the first chapter and I can't wait! I love it already! Good job Mrs. White!