Sunday, December 30, 2012

Influencers Needed!

It's that time! I'm only two months away from the release of Ring of Secrets, and the marketing team at Harvest House has asked me to compile my list of influencers.

What, you ask, is an influencer? Quite simply, it's someone who agrees that, in exchange for the publisher sending them a free copy of a book, they will (assuming they like it) do some or all of the following:
  • Post reviews on retailer sites
  • Buy a copy for everyone they see in the grocery line
  • Blog about it (assuming they have a blog)
  • Have the cover tattooed across their forehead
  • Talk it up to all their friends
  • Take out an airplane banner ad for it
  • Request their library stock it
  • Invest in a giant blinking sign for their roof that says "Buy Ring of Secrets!"
  • Request their bookstores stock it
  • Leave some bookmarks/postcards with libraries or stores or in waiting rooms
;-) Okay, so I doubt anyone would do all of those, LOL. But if you're interested in taking on some influencer tasks, email me at roseanna at roseannawhite dot com with your address and what you'll be able to do to help with the influencing. (I have a limited number of spots left, so hurry!)

And, and in case you've missed the blurb...

Love Has No Place in a World of Spies

 1779—Winter Reeves is an aristocratic American Patriot forced to hide
 her heart amid the British Loyalists of the city of New York. She has
 learned to keep her ears open so she can pass information on British
 movements to Robbie Townsend, her childhood friend, and his spy ring. If
 she's caught, she will be executed for espionage, but she prays the
 Lord’s protection will sustain her, and Robbie has taught her the tools
 of the trade—the wonders of invisible ink, secret drop locations and,
 most importantly, a good cover.

 Bennet Lane returns to New York from his Yale professorship with one
 goal: to find General Washington’s spy hidden among the ranks of the
 city’s elite. Searching for a wife was supposed to be nothing more than
 a convenient cover story for his mission, but when he meets Winter, with
 her too-intelligent eyes in her too-blank face, he finds a mystery that
 can’t be ignored.

 Both are determined to prevail at any cost…and each is committed to a
 separate cause. Will God lead them to a shared destiny or lives lived



  1. I'd love to be an influencer :) my email is hwand94 (at)yahoo(dot)com, and my blog address is: and my book review blog is:

  2. Just e-mailed you my address and what influencing tasks I can take on. The book sounds totally awesome, and thanks for the opportunity! :-)

  3. Me, Me ~ pick me~
    private messaging you
    Lane Hill House

  4. You know I'm in! But I'll buy my own copy, thank you very much :)