Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughtful About . . . Books and Smiles

First off, I'm guest-blogging today with Laurie Alice Eakes, talking a bit about the fun history of historic Annapolis, and giving away a copy of Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland. Hop on over and leave a comment for a chance to win!

And I've had a pretty fun week. My birthday on Tuesday was a lot of fun, filled with discounted food. ;-) My mom took me out to lunch and my hubby/kids to dinner, and both times, part of the meal was discounted (or free) because of a delay. Which suited me just fine and made it more fun. For dinner, we drove down to Hagerstown, MD, about an hour away, to go to Outback and use my free birthday coffee coupon at Starbucks. (Yes, the nearest Starbucks is an hour away. Gotta love Western Maryland...)

On the drive down, we were going through rain, with the sun behind us, and it resulted in a perpetual rainbow, low-slung and sparkling, right in front of us on the road. It traveled with us about five miles, to the delight of us all. I claimed it was my personal birthday rainbow. ;-) On the way home, the clouds were starting to lift from the mountains and valleys back into the sky, resulting in these gorgeous pillars of mist . . . quite a sight. God spared no imagination painting the landscape for me that evening. =) (Thanks, Lord!)

And also making this week fun is that I've bitten the bullet and stopped talking about starting a local book club and actually done it. Yay! The Inspired Book Club will meet at my church library the last Thursday of every month, beginning in September. AND folks were so excited when I started talking about it, that we'll be chatting on Facebook the last week of each month too. So if you're too far away to come snack and chat with us, feel free to join the Facebook group. And if you're near Cumberland, MD and want to join, just shoot me an email at roseanna [at] roseannawhite [dot] com and I'll give you directions! Our book for September is Tamera Alexander's A Lasting Impression. And to make it even more fun, Tammy has agreed to call in during out meeting so we can ask her questions and get the insider scoop on the book.

And even if you can't squeeze one more thing into your schedule, let's just admire my fun little logo. Isn't it cute? LOL. I made that after organizing the Christian Review of Books's shelves in its new location at my church. (Yay, all those books out of my sitting room!) Oh, and the CRoB is also in desperate need of a local-to-Cumberland-area volunteer to donate an hour or two a week to helping me keep the list updated and get books mailed out to reviewers. If you're interested, email me at the address above.

Not exactly a life-altering blog post, I know, but it's been that kind of week more full of news and chocolate cake than epiphanies. ;-) Thanks again, all, for your wonderful birthday wishes!

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  1. Ohh - enjoy that book club - something I've wanted to do as well. And what a gift the rainbow was :)