Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thoughtful About . . . Where Are We Now?

Yesterday as my best friend Stephanie Morrill and I were chatting about my schedule, I earned a "Whoa! You're making my head spin. Can you believe it wasn't that long ago that you were like, 'I need direction! I have no idea what to work on next!'?"

Definitely not a problem right now, LOL. My schedule is full (over-full, some might say), and though there's room for some moving-around and improvising, for the first time in my life I'm writing books sold on proposal, under deadline.

Thank you, Lord, that it's almost summer! That will at least take home school off my daily schedule. Around here we're very much looking forward to finishing up those last couple weeks of school. =) We have an end-of-the-year party coming up with some of the other little ones from Xoe's home school group, to make it an extra-special end.

Also this summer, we'll be getting ready for a move. Not far, just back to the West Virginia side of our area, nearer our parents. Pretty exciting. =) And of course, I've got a lot of writing on my summer's plate.

Where are you right now, as we near the end of the school year? Hard at work? Ready for a summer rest? Are you writers already planning which, if any, conferences you'll be going to. Are you readers making a list of books to wile away the summer with? I'd love to hear what you're getting into now!

(Sorry I'm not offering any brilliance or insight today, LOL--I'm still fighting off the cold I got almost two weeks ago, and right now my eyes are puffy and my head aching. This is about all I could manage!)


  1. Oh, I hope you recover from you cold quickly! It't never fun. And you know how it goes, a mother's work is never done--it's only just begun. And who knows what they'd add to it for the homeschooling mother! I know how it feels sometimes, even though I do not actually have children of my own, I do--three younger siblings. Sometimes I feel like if we just clean up th house--if we just finish the dishes--then I realize we get to do it tomorrow too!

    Summer fun? I scarce know the meaning of that word. This summer I will be finishing up chemistry (my favorite--not) and geometry (my other favorite--yeah right). Why must I suffer through these things when I am going to be a English/History major!!!

    And I love your sun! I just really like happy, smiling face suns. And flowers.

  2. DEFINITELY looking forward to summer. Not having to drive everywhere every day. Not having to nag (uuuggghh) my kids to get ready for school.

    Planning to do work on my WIP, plus take more craft classes (SO wish I were going to ACFW in September, but it's looking HIGHLY unlikely). We're also planning a trip to Mt. Rushmore in August. Never been.

  3. How cool! We're getting ready to move back to my WV family too! We're not far from Beckley. I think that must be sooooo cool to be writing books under proposal-driven deadlines! Hope to be there someday!

  4. *Raising hand* THIS person would say your schedule is over-full. You are super woman.

  5. If I wore a hat, it'd be off to homeschooling moms everywhere. Homeschooling moms who also write books to deadline? I curtsie!

    My first deadline is June 15th, and I have another book well underway that I hope to finish by summer's end. This is my first experience with publishing so I don't know half what to expect.

    My dad lives in West Virginia, in a tiny little mountain town. Lovely spot. But he has no internet!

    I got Annapolis is the mail and read the first chapter last night. It was supposed to wait its turn behind the four other books I have going, but I couldn't resist a peek. Looking forward to really diving in soon as I do get a few other books read.