Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thoughtful About . . . Summer Goals

As summer approaches and is in effect here for many of us in terms of school and whatnot, I've noticed something. Most writers with kids assume they'll get less done during the summer, with their bundles of energy underfoot. And I can see where this would be the case.

But I home school--so for me, summer is a break from the grind just like it is for the kids. And man, am I hoping to get MORE done!

Since the school year began, I've wrapped up one novel that was 75% done when the year started. I've written another novel. I've edited that first one. I've written a novella. I've put together something like four different proposals. And I've also done quite a bit of editing for WhiteFire titles.

But oh, the work I have piled up that I'd like to tackle this summer! I've gotten sidetracked by an unexpected but promising project that's allowing me to rewrite (again, LOL) my first-ever novel. I worked on that proposal a month ago and now need to work a bit more on it. But I also need to dive into my second Culper Ring book for Harvest House; it's not due until January, but I want it mostly done by the time the school year rolls back around again.

I'll also have to edit my Civil War-era book at some point, and that might have to be this summer too. Plus editing for WhiteFire, of course--got some fun projects there. =)

When am I going to do all this? Yeah, um...I don't know, LOL. And have I mentioned I'm probably moving at the end of summer? Not far, just back to the WV side of the river, but I'm sure that's going to throw a wrench into my schedule at some point too.

But for today, I have a few hours of quiet, and all I have to do (ahem) is three loads of laundry, clean my house top to bottom, and write. Piece of cake, right? ;-) Seriously, we just finished up our school year yesterday, so this feels like complete freedom. And tomorrow, my fellow-WhiteFire editor and author, critique partner and friend Dina Sleiman is coming up for a visit, so I'm really excited to get to hang out with her. =) (Although that is why I have to clean my house...) And tonight is dress rehearsal for my daughter's first ballet, which will be performed Saturday and Sunday.

Yeah, busy weekend. And sure to be a busy summer. What big goals do you have?


  1. How fo you mangange to get it all done?!?! Seriously. Especially with homeschooling your children? My family homeschools and I know that is a full time job of it's own.

    My main summer project is chemistry. Oh how much fun I am going to have in doing that. Not.

    1. Just remember that chemistry can be VERY handy for reference when writing. =) My next hero is a chemistry professor at Yale during the Revolution, and I got to pull all sorts of fun chemistry analogies into the book. =) (Thank heavens my hubby loved it and remembers it better than I do!)

  2. We have such a jam packed summer scheduled. But I really hope to finish editing a novel Im just finishing up now. Then I can start researching my next novel. If I could accomplish those things I would be soooooo happy. :)
    You are an inspiration!

  3. I have NO idea if I'll get more or less done over the summer (which, for my kids, doesn't start for another eight days LOL) than during the school year. REALLY wanna get some good learning done (online writing classes), and make some SERIOUS progress on my bib fiction.

    Your summer sounds CRAZY busy. Praying - and have FUN!

  4. Well, I've got 2 1/2 months until college starts back up, and during that time I'm taking an online writing class and hoping to make some major progress on a second draft of my novel and get a crazy amount of reading done.

    I was homeschooled, too, so I can imagine your relief by remembering what my parents looked like the first few weeks of summer. :-) :-) :-)

  5. I am "planning" on doing the research for my next MS, which I have been percolating for a while. Not nearly so ambitious as you, lol! I find my stories and characters have to inhabit my imagination for a while before I put them down on the page.