Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thoughtful About . . . RELEASE DAY!!!

It's December 1. As in, December 1, 2011. As in, the official release day of Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland. Give me a moment.


Okay, I'm back. ;-)

So this is technically my third Release Day. But it's the first one that was ushered in by a call from my mom that went like this:

Mom: "So do you want the news?"

Me: "What news?" as Rowyn is sitting on the counter with a giant spoonful of yogurt that's threatening to glop its way all over everything.

Mom: "I was in WalMart today, and they had Annapolis out!"

Me, totally ignoring pending yogurt catastrophe: "THEY DID????!!!!!!!!!! Did you take a picture?"

Mom: "Well, I did, yes. Problem is, I can't get it off my phone. So I called your Aunt Pam and told her to go with her iPhone and take a picture and email it to me."

LOL. So it's been spotted. Woot!

Yep, that's my thoughtfulness for the day. =) I'm going to be trying to set up signings here and there and everywhere, which will involve some phone calls today and tomorrow. Which I didn't set up already because November was writing challenge month--not doing THAT in the month before a release again! LOL

Okay, happy day. I have big plans for organizing my basement today, folding laundry . . . all that fun stuff I neglected while trying to write and organize some media stuff. ;-)

Happy Release Day, everyone! And remember to check out my Great ANNAPOLIS Giveaway (linked above) and check out the ways you can rack up those entries! (Including sending me pictures of Annapolis on a shelf in your local store. Yes, I just want to see it for the pure joy, LOL.)


  1. I'll be keeping my eye out ;) So excited for ya!

  2. So exciting and congrats to you! Walmart is smart!!! :O)

  3. Congrats Roseanna!!!

    How thrilling to see your book on a shelf in Walmart. Yay! I hope you have a wonderful day. And hubby definitely needs to take you out to dinner to celebrate. Then on the way home you can stop by Walmart and see the book yourself. :-)

    Enjoy your day.

  4. Congratulations, once again. I'm really looking forward to reading my copy!

    Getting back to neglected things can be very rewarding. I'm hoping to sweep my neglected floor today and find my wallet. (Seriously!)

  5. Can't wait to go to Walmart (wow - a sentence I've NEVER uttered before) and see your gorgeous cover on the shelves! Congrats, my friend :)

  6. I am so happy for you! It is a wonderful book and I pray many read it!

  7. That's awesome!!! Congratulations!! :D

    Summerside send me a copy of the book for review (thank you so much for recommending me!), and I really enjoyed it!! I started reading it over Thanksgiving break. :) I was reading in the car on the way back and got really engaged in one of your fabulous scenes - and then, wouldn't you know it, it started to get dark! I was holding the book up to the window as I read in the back seat, but finally I had to call it quits. :) But it didn't take long to finish the book once I returned to school, and I'm planning on reviewing it tomorrow or Saturday. Can't wait to host you for the LFY party next week, as well!


  8. Ooops, *sent* not *send.* ;)


  9. I just had a bad experience at WalMart, but I might have to try another venture, just for you. Will your book be released as an e-book as well?

  10. Annette, hope you find your wallet!!

    Stephanie, I never look forward to Walmart--and generally avoid it. Though I *have* to go in now! ;-)

    Amber, so glad you enjoyed it!! Looking forward to the blog party next week!

    Terri and Joanne--thanks!

    Tammy, it *should* be in other major stores too, and if they don't stock it for some reason, you can request it--it'll be in all their systems. Summerside does put them out as e-books . . . I think those are usually up about a month after the print release.

  11. Congratulations Roseanna...can't wait to read your latest masterpiece :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  12. news like that would make me ignore the gloppy yogurt bite too! Congrats!