Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I would like to draw your attention . . .

Upward. Have you seen the new tabs up the top here? If you glance up at my pages, you'll notice a couple additions. The first is for the Great ANNAPOLIS Giveaway. You'll want to check this out, as it's such a great giveaway pack that I'm tempted to keep one of them for myself. ;-) 

Yes, I admit it--I designed the giveaway so that there's enough stuff in it that you won't wait to see if you won before buying LFY Annapolis. ;-) You'll instead go, "Ooo, look at that journal and quill! And Lark used some just like it? Can't wait to find out where and how! I'm going to get Annapolis. If I win this totally awesome giveaway, I can always give that extra copy to my mom for Christmas . . . or better still, keep the signed one, and give my original copy to the church library!" Yes, I'm just that maniacal. Mwa ha ha ha.

And it's one of those giveaways where you can rack up the entries with each thing you do. So definitely check out the rules, and visit each stop on my blog tour--which is that second new tab up top.

Also, please keep scrolling down the page and see my post from yesterday about an amazing fundraiser for Sandi Rog, who is suffering from cancer.

(For those of you who are shaking your head and saying, "When is she going to talk about books again??" I assure you I did last week, and if you didn't see that post, it was about a truly awesome biblical you should pre-order, by Mesu Andrews: Love's Sacred Song. But at the moment I'm only two chapters into my next book, so . . .)


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