Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Story Time . . . From Ashes to Honor by Loree Lough

I'm not going to say much about this book because (a) it speaks for itself and (b) I've only just cracked it open. But in that I'm spending the week mentally preparing for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, this book was a must for me. And as you still have a few days until the date, I suggest you run out NOW and get yourself a copy!

From Ashes to Honor is the first in Loree's new First Responders Series, about the men and women who responded to those terrible calls on 9/11/01. From Ashes to Honor will hook you from the get-go with this back-cover copy:

If he had only answered that last phone call from the World Trade Center . . .

Minutes before two jumbo jets changed U.S. history, NYPD officer Austin Finley ignored the call from his brother. Mercy Samara, who cost Austin his job after 9/11, leaves the city to work as a school counselor in Baltimore. When Mercy and Austin cross paths again, will their common--and painful--memories finally bring them closer or drive them further apart?

When I cracked open the book, I nearly cried over the dedication and author's note, and with my mind swirling back ten years to that day when I came home from morning classes at college to find the horrific news blasting us from our TV, I moved on to the prologue and felt a clenching in my chest as the main character gets that call to the WTC--after ignoring the ones from his twin brother who worked there. The first chapter begins two years later, the story one that revisits the disaster through a few years of distance, much like Loree's readers will do.

If there is one book you ought to read this week and next, as you're watching all the documentaries on TV and letting your mind drift backward, I recommend this one. Through Austin and Mercy's story we can come into touch with our feelings, our responses, and give true honor to those who waded through the ashes to save what lives they could.

Thank you, Loree, for writing this. I for one intend to savor it as I remember.


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