Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Story Time . . . YAHSHUA'S BRIDGE by Sandi Rog

A couple weeks ago I gave y'all a sneak peek of Sandi Rog's upcoming release, Yahshua's Bridge. I finished reading it while in Oregon, so now you get a full review. =) I'll start by giving you the back cover copy.

An amethyst stone draws him to his past. An elusive maiden draws him to his future.

Alexander is born into slavery under an abusive master: a master of his own  flesh and blood . . . a man he will never call father. Determined to break away from his master's hold, Alexander devises a plan to purchase his freedom. but what's he to do when he finds himself shipped off in shackles to Egypt, disappearing from the of lives of everyone he knows and loves?

My official endorsement:

"Stupefying, stunning, and stirring--Yahshua's Bridge is a tale that takes the reader from the darkest valley to the highest pinnacle of hope. For anyone yearning to go deeper, this story of hearts broken and promises kept will take you there, and leave you astounded by the beauty of our Savior."

I don't give words like "stupefying, stunning and stirring" lightly. It takes real skill as a writer and superb story to earn those words from me--and Sandi deserves them all. This was a story unafraid to show us the ugliness of the world, the injustices that can destroy our lives, the cruelties that might plague us. All these are written with what I can only term bravery. It would have been so much easier to tell a story with simpler conflict and a happily-ever-after for everyone involved--but as Sandi said to me, that would have been unfair to all the early Christians and what they went through for their faith.

But she did a truly amazing thing with this story--she showed all that ugliness and depravity, made me growl and cry at what befell her characters . . . and then used it to direct both the characters and the reader to the awe-inspiring glory of God. For every point of pain, there is one of hope. For every stroke of ugliness, there is eclipsing beauty.

Alexander and Elianna have a story of losing all you have at the hands of the world . . . and finding all you need through the provision of the Lord. In this breathtaking sequel to The Master's Wall you will learn how great is the power of forgiveness, how over-reaching is the hand of our Lord, how unshakable is the bond of true love, and how magnificent are the arms of our Savior.

Weeks after I've finished reading, this is the thing that sticks with me most: that whatever happens to me here, my ultimate goal is to cross over that beautiful bridge of light, to escape the shackles of my earthly bondage, and to finally glimpse the face that has twisted in agony for me, to finally put my hand in the ones pierced for my sake. 

Wow, this makes it sound like the story is all message, LOL. The message is there, delivered in a masterful way--through a compelling story. The places Alexander and Elianna take us . . . the fun they have, the adventure they find, the direction their lives take . . . WOW. It's a journey you don't want to miss. A book you don't want to miss.

Yahshua's Bridge releases is a couple months, and as soon as I notice it's available either for pre-order or order, I'll be giving a link. Because seriously--you don't want to miss it!!


  1. I LOVED "Wall" but this . . . is MUCH better than it was. Yeah! It's stupefying, stunning, and stirring. I couldn't have said it better. Awesome!