Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Impressions of Oregon Part II

Towering pines, heavy with green, a cool breeze blowing, brilliant sun shining--that's what I woke up to every morning in Oregon. I come from a very green area, but as my hubby drove me home, I paid attention to the difference in trees. I always thought we had a lot of pine around here, but the vast number of deciduous struck me on Thursday--as opposed to the area I was in in Oregon, with its tall spires of evergreen dominating the landscape. And I got to see Mount Hood as we flew in, a snow-covered cone poking out of the cloud-cover as the sun set in the west. Snow in August--my mind knew this happened, but it was the first I got to see it, and it made me grin.

Tuesday was the first full day of the conference, and a busy one. I decided to sit in on a coaching session class in the morning since otherwise it was free time, and I needed to keep busy to keep from missing my babies. ;-) So I attended a class taught by my own agent, the fabulous Karen Ball. Anything taught by Karen is going to be hilarious, that's just a given. It was also informative, helpful, and just a great time of fellowship with other published authors.

In the afternoon I had appointments and had the privilege of meeting with some great authors. I also got the chance to chat with other editors and agents, which is a side of things I'd never experienced but really loved. It was great to hear from the agents what they were shopping for their clients, and to share WhiteFire's vision. It was also fun to laugh with the editors--and didn't hurt that one was reading one of my manuscripts and kept finding me to tell me what part she was in and how much she was enjoying it. =) I had a meeting with said editor and my agent, which left me floating away on a cloud of hopeful peace.

I think one of my favorite parts of conference were the panels. On Tuesday came the book-editor panel, on which I got to sit. Sandwiched between two editors I really admire, it was fun to hear their answers to the questions the authors asked, and offer my own take on things.

Tuesday I also had the pleasure of checking my email and finding a request to develop a new idea for a story--something that kept me entertained all weekend. =) I won't get into details just yet, but let's just say it would be a really fun project, and I love that I was asked to come up with a pitch! The idea I've developed has some intriguing history I can work in, plus a few things that should just be pure fun.

Then came one of my other favorite parts of OCW--after the second awesome keynote address by Mindy Starns Clark on "The Reality" of publishing--versus "The Dream"--there was an author reading. Other activities shared the same time slot, so only a handful of people attended, but it was so much fun. Again, I was sandwiched between truly amazing people. Award-winning, best-selling people. Humbling, and also such an honor to be included. Afterward, I was given the highest compliment possible, as someone came up and told me the snippet I'd read brought them to tears.

I went to bed Tuesday exhausted but left feeling that the day had been one for the record books. And very, very eager for Wednesday. =)


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