Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughtful About . . . Oregon

In a few short weeks, I'm going to be hopping a cross-country flight and winging my way to Oregon for the Oregon Christian Writers Conference. This will not be my first conference, or my first solo flight. But it's my first time flying so long at all, and my first time going to a conference as an editor. I'm so excited! (Okay, not about the loooooong, lonely flight, but . . .)

It's kind of funny. When I agreed to do this, it was because it sounded like too good an opportunity to pass up. I've always wanted to go to Oregon, and going to conferences for WhiteFire was a must. So I accepted--then began to think, "But I don't know anyone there. I'll have appointments, sure, but who am I going to talk to otherwise?"

In the months since, it seems like every week I come across someone who is from the West Coast and will be in Oregon for the conference. To start, the editor who wants to see the manuscript I'm working on now--she asked me to bring with me whatever of it was done. Then, there's my new agent, Karen Ball of the Steve Laube Agency. I'm stoked to get to chat with her while I'm there! Then I discover that one of my readers for Jewel of Persia is the president of OCW and will obviously be there as well. Wow!

I'll also get to teach a class while there, and of the options I sent them, they chose my "Marketing Monster" workshop. Rather than focusing on the specifics of marketing, I'm going to be focusing on overcoming your fears of marketing. (I've already gotten some great input from published and unpublished authors on what their fears are, but if you haven't already sent me yours, feel free to do so now! I'm looking for the things about marketing that make you sweat or wince or your stomach knot up, the things that make you think, "But, but, but . . .")

So all in all, Oregon is on my mind a lot these days. =) I'm dreading leaving my kiddos and hubby for four days (and will be leaving on my birthday), but I'm looking forward to seeing the beauty of Oregon, meeting in person all these wonderful folks I've talked to these last couple months, and chatting with folks on behalf of WhiteFire. Should be fun!


  1. Oh, Roseanna, have fun! Sounds like a wonderful opportunity (wish I were going too - my baby brother and his wife and 2 - almost 3 - kids live there!).

  2. Roseanna, I'm sure you'll meet some interesting people and will get new inspirations.

    My recommendation for the flights: earplugs!

    But I wonder: Why do you need to "bring" something? Isn't that kind of thing done electronically today? You could send it before you depart, then get actual feedback while you're there...