Friday, July 8, 2011

My Friend Shannon - Interview & Giveaway

We have Shannon Vannatter back again, and after some most excellent placing in various contests with her first novel. =) Congrats, Shannon!! But we're here to talk about her newest one, White Pearls.

Shannon has offered a copy of White Pearls to one lucky winner, so to enter leave a comment below with your email address. If you have trouble leaving a comment with your account, "Anonymous" usually works, or you can just email it to me at roseanna [at] roseannawhite [dot] com and I'll post it for ya. =)


About White Pearls

Shell doesn't have a good reputation...But no matter what everyone in Rose Bud, Arkansas, thinks of her, she's back in town with a job to do. She'll stick it out and make the best of things. But why does Ryler have to be the landscaper on this project? She was just getting her heart under control. Ryler has his own reasons for being in Rose Bud, and they don't include Shell. Spying on his birth family was going to be hard enough. He doesn't have time to worry about a woman who dumped him...even if his heart says otherwise.


About Shannon

Central Arkansas author, Shannon Taylor Vannatter is a stay-at-home mom/pastor’s wife. Her  three-book debut series of contemporary inspirational romances  with Heartsong Presents are set in Romance and Rose Bud, Arkansas.

Heartsong titles ship to a 11,000 member book club before releasing in stores. Vannatter’s series: White Roses, White Doves, and White Pearls are available at, White Roses won the 2011 International Readers Choice Award in the short contemporary category. The 18th Annual Heartsong Awards named Vannatter #3 Favorite New Author, White Roses #1 Favorite Contemporary Novel, and White Doves #8 Favorite Contemporary Novel.  The Democrat-Gazette Three Rivers Edition named Vannatter one of 20 to Watch in 2011.

Her next series is set around Texas rodeos. The first book will release to the Heartsong book club in October.


What's your latest book?

White Pearls released to the Heartsong Presents book club in January 2011. It should be finding its way into stores about now, Amazon sometime this month, and in the next couple of months. Book one, White Roses and two, White Doves are available at all three sites.

And I'm so excited for you about how well White Roses has done in contests!! But back to White Pearls. What's your favorite part of the story?

When certain characters accepted Jesus as their savior.

=) Those scenes can be tough to write, but when they click--awesome. What was the hardest part to write?

Getting into the hero and heroine's heads at the beginning of the story, when neither of them were Christians. They'd both been promiscuous. It was hard to relay their feelings and struggles with going too far.

Definitely a fine line to walk! Is there a theme to this book?

The truth will set you free. The hero and heroine are both bound by a web of lies.

Let's switch to you, the writer. What would your dream office look like—and what does your REAL writing environment look like?

My dream office would have white wicker furniture including the desk with pastel walls and seashells everywhere.

I share my office with my husband. The walls are sage green. His side is neat and organized. Mine is cluttered, but I know what's in every stack. And no one better touch my stacks.

LOL. Is there any one thing or reference you keep handy when writing? Anything you kept around for this particular book?

I clip pictures of magazines to represent my characters and keep them hanging above my computer. A Bible, Find It Fast in the Bible, and Let's Name the Baby stay close. The baby name book is for naming characters.

Are there any people (family, writing group, editors) whom you rely on when writing?

My critique partners: Lorna Seilstad and Brenda Anderson. They let me know when my characters aren't making sense. Lorna always blackens my black moment. And Brenda is great with emotion and body language.

Nothing like a good critter! =) Aside from writing, what takes up most of your time?

A nine-year old son, a husband of twenty-seven years, and our church. Since my husband is the pastor, the church is a large part of our lives, even though he's bi-vocational and has another full time job.

If someone were to give you $5,000 to spend on anything you wanted, what would you buy? (No saving or gifts to charities allowed!)

Probably a down payment on a new truck for my husband. He's sold a lot of trucks over the years because our finances were strained.

Awww, that's so sweet. Do you remember where you were when you got your first or most important call about a book contract?

Home alone. Every time something great happens with my writing--an offer, a contract, an award, there's no one home but me.

Did you call them and tell them to get themselves home to jump up and down with you?? ;-) Any funny family stories about living with a writer?

We recently went to Fort Worth to research my rodeo series I'm currently working on. My step mother-in-law lives in San Antonio and met us there to visit. We were at the Stockyards and I was soaking in the sounds, smells, and ambiance for the book. She was talking to me and I was just saying, unhuh and un uhs. My husband, "You can't talk to her until we get back to the hotel. She's not here, she's in book land."

What are you writing right now?

I'm working on the second book in my Texas rodeo series. It's called Rodeo Hero. The hero is a bi-vocational youth director who works at the Stockyards Cowtown Coliseum. The heroine is a new Christian, photographer with a promiscuous past.

Any upcoming releases we should keep our eye out for?

The first book in the series, Rodeo Dust releases in October through Heartsong Presents.


Readers, be sure and check out Shannon at:,, and at her group blog, You can find her books at

Void where prohibited. Entry into the contest is considered verification of eligibility based on your local laws. Chance of winning depends on number of entries. Contest ends 7/15/11. Winner will have two weeks to claim prize.


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