Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thoughtful About . . . God Moments

You know how it goes. You're going through your day, probably thinking about the twelve things you're juggling at that particular moment. In the back of your mind you've been turning something over. And over. And over. Not exactly worrying, not exactly fretting (or maybe you are, LOL), but it's there. Always there.

Like, you know, this proposal I'm going to submit soon.

In the weeks you've been turning and churning and considering this thing, whatever it may be, a certain number of options have presented themselves. You're not sure any will work out, but you're going to try. Because, well, what else do you?

Then out of the blue, it hits. It. That realization that there is another option, a better option. An option that seems to have come from nowhere in your brain, since you already dismissed it through your awesome logic (ahem).

I had one of those moments yesterday concerning that soon-to-be-submitted proposal, where I realized an option I thought not an option might in fact be the best option. So I sent an email. Got an encouraging response. The kind that left me going, "Of course. Why didn't I think of that from the get-go?"

Those are the moments that remind me of why it's awesome to be in communion with our Lord. I seldom get answers while I'm praying, but they come at those odd moments during the day. Those whispers, those sudden realizations. I know there are those out there who don't attribute them to God, and certainly I have those bolts of inspiration that I don't consider divine. But when they come with a peace beyond which my own mind tends to fabricate, that's when I know.

As sure when my husband makes a great suggestion I hadn't thought of, God has given me a nudge. And obedience never tastes as sweet as in those moments, either, because I know only good will come of it. Maybe not the good I envision, but good nonetheless. =)

So . . . have you had any God moments lately?


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