Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Remember When . . . History Awaited You?

I'm such a geek. Yes, I admit it. I'm not just the type that will look up random histories of things as I go throughout my day (I mean, surely I'm not the only one who wants to know who in the world developed cotton candy, right? A dentist, by the way--figure that one out, LOL). I'm the type who looks forward to looking up history when I'm visiting a new place.

Examples? Sure, why not. We'll start with a familiar place, like the Outer Banks of NC. I love those beaches. I've gone every year since I was about 12, so it feels like a second home to our families. Naturally, I've picked up a bit of the island's history along the way. But lately I've been craving more. Imagining what awesome books about the Outer Banks of the past might be on a rental house's coffee table this year. Knowing I could a few internet searches and answer some of my questions, but wanting rather to get the history while there. To feel it, see it, breathe it.

Example the second: hubby and I are planning a trip to Niagara Falls. I've never been, know very little about them. But I'm plotting how our romantic anniversary trip could be stretched to include a little history-taking. I mean, surely there's a story to be told set there! And surely it'll hit me while I'm there, absorbing the place and its past. Right? I mean, did you know that the caves behind the falls were built into them in the late 1800s? I'd assumed they were natural and man just added the convenience, but nope. Totally made for tourists. Fun, huh?

So yeah. There you have it. I may just have to join a History Lovers Anonymous. I can only imagine how fun those meetings might be! ;-)


  1. I'm with you. Every town I'm in for any length of time will undoubtedly find me in their county historical museum, or any other museum they have. I also love staying at bed and breakfasts since there is probably some good history there, plus I've met some hilarious proprietors of b&bs. I've gotten more than one character traits and stories from these lovely folks.

  2. Have fun on your trip! I can't believe a dentist invented cotton candy. Somehow that seems suspicious, LOL!