Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughtful About . . . Books Arriving and Anniversaries

First, yesterday two boxes of Jewel of Persia arrived on my porch! Yay! That means that I can take off the "pre-order" designation from the listing on our store and actually sign and send any books ordered. =) So if you've been waiting (ahem), you can now go to CrossPurposes Books to order! Then just email me with personalization requests. (Instructions are in the product description.) Or if you aren't into shipping but will be at ACFW in September, you can get one there. =)

Also, if you're an influencer or have won a copy on the blog tour, I'll be signing and packing those up in the next day or two, so the wait is over for you guys too!

Now, onto my real topic. ;-)

Hard as it is to believe, my hubby and I are about to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I can still remember our beautiful beach wedding like it was yesterday, but time has sprinted by (time's quite the athlete, isn't it?) and here we are. Ten years, five moves, and two kids later.

We're trying to figure out the perfect trip for the occasion. We've long discussed taking a an extended weekend somewhere, just the two of us, for this. But not that it's decision time, we can't decide where to go. We've considered Maryland's Eastern Shore. We've talked about New York City. We've toyed with something Caribbean. Then David pointed out that for the same price, the family could take a week-long vacation in the Outer Banks.

One mark in the favor of that plan is that it's where we got married. I'm a big fan of symmetry and poetic stuff like that. ;-) Of course, if we went a whole week, we'd take the kids, and likely one or both of our parental units would join us. Which would mean that, at least, someone could babysit the kids on our anniversary and we could go out for a nice dinner.

Another part of me says, "But that's not the couple trip we talked about."

Advice is welcome! Any brilliant ideas on where we should go, or if we should opt for the family vacation? Keeping in mind we're not made of money. ;-)


  1. How often do you get away just the two of you? Are your children old enough that if you took a family vacation you could leave them for an evening?

    If not, I'd suggest a special time away for the two of you...maybe a few days on your own in the OB...then have kids join you.

  2. The kids are 5 and 3, so babysitting is required. =) But that's not a bad idea, going down a few days early and having the grandparents drive the kids down! I'll mention that to my hubby.

  3. Oh cool! Happy early Anniversary! I'm headed to the OBX at the end of June with my family, it'll be my 3rd straight year going and I love it! :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  4. Congrats!! I like Annette's plan. It celebrates you two as a couple, then celebrates the blessings (children) God has given you.

    Have a wonderful time, whatever you do!

  5. Nothing says romance like summer in Kansas City. Jist saying.

  6. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. My husband and I just celebrated our 5th (posted about it on my blog, too). We were discussing taking a special vacation for our 10th. Would love to take our sons with us as we've not done a real family vacation, ever (this is our second marriage, to each other). But something inside says that it would be precious to spend some alone time to reconnect and honor our marriage that way. If you take the kids and you get to have some special time set aside for the two of you it would be so nice. Perhaps you could take a weekend by yourselves and then do something less elaborate that includes the kids, too. But being together is the most important what ever you decide. Many blessings!

  7. Congrats on you anniversary!