Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Story Time . . . The Read and Share Bible - Full Review & Giveaway

A while back, I posted about a great book of Bible stories for kids, but I'd only read the first few stories in it. Well, we have since finished the book and start ed over, so I though I'd share my full review. =)

The Read and Share Bible is a collection of over 200 stories from both Old and New Testaments, each one broken down into short snippets with brightly colored pictures to hold your little one's attention. So the story of Joseph, for instance, is actually 13 stories starting with the coat of many colors and stretching through when Jacob brings the whole family to Egypt.

Here's what I adore about this book--my kids adore it. Each night I let each child pick which book they want me to read, and each night my five-year-old daughter says, "The Bible stories." She loves discovering these stories, loves when she already knows one, loves asking questions about them . . . and loves that when she asks, "Really? That happened for real?" Mommy answers, "Yes, it really did." (Unlike with all the other books and TV shows she watches that aren't 'real.')

I also love that this book has so many stories in it, the familiar ones along with some of the more obscure. Most of the bloody or violent ones have been left out (or seriously) downplayed, but they still get a full view of the hand of God through many generations. The stories are accurate if abridged, and when we finished it up, I knew my kids had just gotten a great foundation--one we could talk about and build on. And best of all, when we read the last story, my daughter said, "Yay! Now we get to start over tomorrow night!" Is there any better recommendation for a children's book??

Here's what I don't love about it--in an effort to make the stories child-friendly, some facts I deemed key were left out. I'm not a big fan of dumbing down language to the degree they did (like only calling Pharaoh "the king." Teach them a new word, it's okay.), and the biggest complaint I have is that it tells about Moses getting the Ten Commandments but doesn't tell us what they were. I was looking forward to a kid-friendly list and was seriously disappointed when it wasn't there. My kids wanted to know them, too--so I explained them in my own words, as I did in several places where the explanation stopped just a bit too short for her.

But complaints aside, this is by far the best collection of kids' Bible stories I've found. It's engaging, it's compelling, it has lead-in/follow-up questions for each story that are natural and fun, and it's now a part of our nightly ritual. It's also a semi-regular part of our Children's Church, and the other kids  love it too.

And because our family loves it so much, I'm thrilled to be able to offer a copy for giveaway. This contest will run both here and at the Christian Review of Books, and you can enter both places for two chances to win. To enter, please leave a comment below with an email address.

Void where prohibited. Entry into the contest is considered verification of eligibility based on your local laws. Chance of winning depends on number of entries. Contest ends 3/22/11. Winner will have two weeks to claim prize.


  1. I help with the young children in our church for their Sunday School class. This book would be perfect to use!

  2. We've looked at a lot of Bibles. My all time storybook Bible may be the Classic Storybook Bible. If interested you can read my thoughts athttp://livelearnlove226.blogspot.com/2010/08/favorite-bibles.html.

    Like you, I like a child to learn the new vocab as we read. However, this Bible does sound good! I'd be interested in it!
    net.livelearnlove at gmail dot com

  3. Ooh, me! Me! McKenna's outgrown her rhyme Bible, but she's still a bit too young for the other children's Bible we have. This looks like a great selection for between!

  4. I would love to win this for my grandson.
    I want him to learn about Jesus.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    wandaelaine at gmail dot com

  5. I'd love to win this for my DIL's niece.

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  6. I would love to win this for my little girl.

  7. I would love to win this for my baby bug!

  8. I have two grandsons I can read this to when they come to spend the night with Nonna :) Thanks for the giveaway!


  9. i am starting a kids bible club for kids back home (Zimbabwe). this would be a great help, since we have almost no children christian literature in Zimbabwe. I would really love to win this for this club. hlulani(at)gmail.com

  10. I would like to win this book for our lending library at work, which is very deverse. Thanks, Carmin sent me.

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  11. Would love to win :)