Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thoughtful About . . . Timing

So, we're sick. The kids and I came down with a rather nasty cold/flu thing on Saturday p.m., and we're still wiped from it. Xoe has barely budged from the couch for the last five days, and both the wee ones are coughing to beat the band.

Naturally, things take a different turn in me. Rather than it going into the deep cough they've got going on, mine moves into nasal congestion and a killer sore throat. Then--then--the eyes.

Rowyn had this on Monday evening. Eyes got all puffy and goopy, enough that I thought, "If they're still like this in the morning, I'm taking him to the doctor." But by morning, the eyes were better. And Rowyn's mostly better now in general, back to playing and singing and whatnot. Yesterday about noon, though, the eye-thing hit me. Can I just say that this isn't fun? I can't focus on much because they keep weeping, plus it just hurts.

To make matters worse, I'm supposed to be baking a "Max & Ruby" cake for the kids' birthday party on Saturday, and I couldn't exactly drive to the store yesterday to get the stuff I need. I woke up stressed near to tears. Then, within minutes of whining to all my online buddies about it, asking for prayers, I could feel the swelling start to go down (weird feeling, that). So I think it'll resolve itself in the next few hours. Phew, and praise the Lord!

All that said, I gotta also say this--though there's never a fun time to be sick, this is actually the best possible time for this to have struck. I shudder to think what I would have done had it hit a week or two earlier, when I was trying to finish up a manuscript an editor requested. Yikes!

So while the kids might not get the extravagant cake my mind's eye had wanted to fiddle with, I imagine I'll come up with something. And though I'm not feeling great, I no longer have the urge to break into tears over it. And through it all, I'm determined to stay focused on how great God is for holding this off until now!


  1. Yuk! Not fun.
    Praying you and your family feel better.

  2. Oooh, awful.