Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Story Time . . . under construction

My Story Time day itself isn't under construction, mind you. There are books I've read and have yet to talk about. But I can't really concentrate on those right this minute, because I'm caught up in my own story. (The fictional one I'm working on, I mean.)

I had an editor ask to see something ASAP, and so I'm putting all else on hold for the next week or two so I can get this manuscript finished. Hope y'all understand. Moreover, I hope y'all will say a prayer for me, that I finish this thing off quickly but well, and that, if this is the next step the Lord has in mind for me, it finds favor with the publishing house.

I'll have a usual post tomorrow, though, as I discovered some cool (and kind of frustrating, ha ha) history that made me spend and hour and a half revising yesterday, so come back then. ;-)


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