Friday, February 11, 2011

My Friend Michelle Is Hosting Me Today

I had a whole in interview schedule today, so rather than rush to fill it, I'm just giving you a link to a guest blog and giveaway I put together for Michelle V's Blog. Here's a preview--follow the link to read more!

O Hero, Where Art Thou?

What makes a good hero? Six pack abs? Bulging biceps? Rippling pectorals? Well, always a plus, but we expect a bit more from our men in Christian novels. A loving heart? Sure, but he still shouldn’t be a pushover, right? We like strength. Be he an Alpha Male or a Beta Male, we like our heroes to have a spine, but compassion. To love the Lord (by the end at least), and to adore our heroines. We want them to be good, godly men. Real men.

I love crafting a good hero, and my critique partners have been known to sigh dreamily over a few. But with Jewel of Persia I couldn’t just create my leading man as I wanted. Given that the whole point of the story was to integrate Herodotus’s HISTORIES with the book of Esther, I kinda had to stick to the Xerxes we learn about in those two books. And boy, howdy, he had his moments where he left me banging my head against the table going, “Really? This? This is what I have to work with? This is supposed to be my hero??”

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And happy birthday to my baby, today! Still not sure how he came to be 3 . . . ;-)


  1. Molding Xerxes into hero material is not a task I envied!

  2. And your comments to that point are what inspired this post. =)

  3. First, happy birthday to your darling boy! You blink and they're grown. Enjoy every moment! Just wanted to point you in the direction of my post at Reflections in Hindsight a couple of Wednesdays ago called "Where Are All The Men?" It addresses the very issue of heroes in Christian fiction. You might find it interesting. ;-) Blessings, and thanks again for hosting me on your blog, Roseanna. I had a lot of fun!