Monday, January 17, 2011

Sick Day

I've spent most of my weekend being mildly sick--nothing life threatening, mind you, just a headache and upset stomach. Which has left me a bit behind on things I need to do this morning, so I'm taking a sick day from blogging. Sorry. I know the world just won't be the same without my dazzling wit. (Ha . . . ha . . . ha . . .)

So off I go to motivate my daughter to finish her last two minutes of morning homeschool, then back to work I go. Still not feeling fabulous, mind you, but feeling better than I have.

Oh, while you're still reading . . . I have several friends who have either been dealing with cancer, just diagnosed, or awaiting a diagnosis. If you all could please pray for them, I'd appreciate it. Sandi has been fighting t-cell lymphoma for several months now (I blogged about her before) and is about to undergo another "bad" round of chemo. Mary has just discovered cancer in the bone of her leg, and they're waiting for test results to tell them what type. We're standing with Mary to claim healing. Finally, my childhood friend Jennifer has been told she may have cancer of the adrenal gland; biopsy results are still pending. Please pray that she does NOT have cancer, and that her health issues are quickly resolved.

Thanks, all.


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