Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Remember When . . . Words Were Cool?

This past week was a decent one for me when it comes to writing. Not fabulous, mind you--no earth-shattering personal records on word count. But I put down just over 10,000 words, and it felt great. Especially since it got me up to (a) a really fun, pivotal scene that I get to write today and (b) the halfway point of my story. Yay!

In my writing last week, I had some fun stuff in general too. I wrote my Christmas scenes, a New Year's collation and ball, and had my heroine think about the hero something the effect of "Let him beg forgiveness of the Almight--she never wanted to see him again." Right, of course, as he packed up the carriage to come see her. =)

And now, yes, I'm going to tell you what a collation is. I had to look it up. And, yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. As in, from the word "collate." Like you do with paper. It means "a coming together." Which was so logical that I laughed at myself for not realizing it right off the bat.

I had another fun word come up too. I wanted to describe the high-energy little boys and could think of no word other than "rambunctious." But upon looking up the etymology, I discovered that it was too new a word for my time. However, it was an alteration of the word "rumbustious," which, voila, was in use at the time. Yay! And isn't that a fun word? Rumbustious.  You know what it means just by hearing it. Love that kind of word. Like "quagmire." Can't you just tell by listening to "quagmire" that it's a sticky, boggy place? ;-)

That's all I've got for you today. Unless you want two elbow-grabbing kids in need of breakfast . . . ?

So, what's your favorite word?

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  1. Ohhhh! One of my favorite words is "vivacious". That and "catastrophic". I think both of them are fun to say! :-) Though those two words are my favorite to use, the words(adjectives, actually) that I use most are "depressing" and "devastating".
    Oh! And "emporium" is fun to say too!