Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Remember When . . . The New Year Arrived?

I'm at an interesting point in my work-in-progress right now--see, it's the same time of year there as it is for real. Pretty neat, and it doesn't often work that way for me. Oh, I'm a few days behind in Annapolis (it's currently the 27th of December), but I'm about to skip a few days, so I'll soon overtake myself. ;-)

There's something really fun about writing about the season you're currently in, and about reflecting on it what your characters would be doing on this day in their year. I just got through Christmas with them, and my heroine received a leather bound journal--much like the two hard-cover journals I got. ;-) The kids in the family were playing with toy soldiers (which will be made either of wood or metal, though I haven't figured out which) while mine are dashing around with Matchbox cars and My Little Ponies.

New Years celebrations are actually very similar. I don't know that they stayed up to greet the New Year like our culture does, and certainly they didn't watch the ball drop on TV (ha ha) but the first day of the new year was still a big celebration. Families pulled out all the stops and put on a huge feast, often entertaining friends and neighbors. And resolutions have been a tradition since Ancient Roman days, so don't think that's a modern concept!

Most fun in my story right now, though, is that "tomorrow" in the story, my hero figures out where my heroine has run off to and chases after her. Meanwhile, heroine reads a letter from her brother saying how sorry hero is for his dastardly behavior, but she renews her decision to sever all ties with him--yes, even as he's hitching the carriage to the horses and galloping her way. =) Should be fun! I can't wait to get these two in the same city again!!

Hope everyone's having a great Wednesday thus far! And don't forget to check out the two current stops on the Jewel of Persia blog tour for your chance to win--another's coming on Friday, too! =)


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