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My Friends Adam & Andrea Graham - Interview

Today I'm happy to feature another speculative author (or writing couple, as the case may be) from Splashdown Books. Adam and Andrea graham will be chatting about Tales of the Dim Knight.


About Tales of the Dim Knight

 Mild-mannered janitor and superhero fanboy Dave Johnson gets all his wishes at once when a symbiotic alien gives him supernatural powers. But what's he to do with them? Follow his zany adventures as he fights crime and corruption while trying to keep his family together and avoid being sued for copyright infringement.


About Adam & Andrea
Adam Graham is a multi-talented author known for his wit and poignancy. His work appears on, Renew America, American Daily, The Conservative Voice, Red State, and Conservatown. He also has short stories published in the anthology Light at the Edge of Darkness, and in the Laser & Sword e-zine. He is also host of the Truth and Hope Report podcast, as well as the Old Time Dragnet Radio Show, and the Old Time Superman Radio Show. Mr. Graham holds a general studies Associate of Arts degree from Flathead Valley Community College with a concentration in Journalism. He tweets at @idahoguy, @dimknight and @radiodetectives.
Andrea Graham co-authored Adam’s first novel,Tales of the Dim Knight. Her short story “Frozen Generation” also appeared in Light at the Edge of Darkness. She studied creative writing and religion at Ashland University. Visit her online at and Ask Andrea, or follow her tweets @povbootcamp.
Adam and Andrea live with their cat, Joybell, in Boise, Idaho. They are members of several writers groups, including Lost Genre Guild and American Christian Fiction Writers. Adam is president of their local ACFW chapter, Idahope.


What's your latest book?

Tales of the Dim Knight (Splashdown Books 11/22/2010)

It sounds hilarious--love the copyright infringement line in the blurb. =) What's your favorite part of the story?

I love the superhero team up chapter where Powerhouse joins with four other superheroes to fight a terrorist madman in New York City, er, Megalopolis. We had a blast poking fun at superhero stereotypes and even got to pay homage to the 1960s Batman TV show. Second to that would be the Alien Zoo chapter.

Okay, I'm thoroughly intrigued. What was the hardest part to write?

The relationship portions. Our hero is married and his marriage is in trouble. Getting to be a superhero with all the required whooshing off doesn’t help. In early drafts, I really tried to keep the focus on the action while coming back to the marriage here and there. The feedback we kept getting was that there wasn’t enough depth or details on the family stuff. Obviously, such an effort can get out of hand and ruin the light tone of the overall story. We worked in more scenes set in Naomi’s point of view, portraying what’s going on in her world. What was gratifying about the way it worked out is that most of her scenes still have quite a bit of humor and fun. So, the tone of the story is such that we’ve got a family comedy-drama worked together with the superhero story.

That sounds like a great balance! What do you hope your readers will get out of the story?

Adam: I hope they’ll laugh a lot and enjoyed the journey.

Is there a theme to this book?

Adam: Grace, forgiveness, and the need for God are big themes.

What's your favorite genre to write? To read?

Adam: Speculative fiction, mysteries, action adventure. (same for both.)

I'm all surprise. ;-) What are you reading right now—and what do you want to read next?

Adam: I’d been on a reading kick after Christmas, but got hit with a stomach flu. I’m not yet committed to anything new, though I might try, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Let me know if you do and like it. We just rented the recently-made movie and loved it, though we understand it's not exactly accurate, LOL. Other than the Bible, what's your favorite of all the books you've ever read?

Adam: Frank Peretti’s The Oath. really is the most exciting, engaging, and thought-provoking novel I’ve ever read.

Oh, I loved that too! What's one of the oddest or most interesting things someone has ever said about you?

Adam:  Someone once told me I had an accent. I don’t. I speak perfectly unaccented English. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Though my New Zealand publisher may disagree.

LOL. What would your dream office look like—and what does your REAL writing environment look like?

It would be a soundproof recording studio. I would lie on the couch as I dictated my material to my robot secretary Bob, who could also program my blogs for Wordpress and automatically edit all of my podcasts.  My office would also come with a fully modern 3D Holographic workout facility with a five star robot-staffed dining room adjacent to me. (Remember, you asked this of a sci-fi writer.)

My current “office” is a sofa pulled up to my computer because I, like Nero Wolfe, have a certain problem with chairs.

Can I borrow Bob for a few days?? ;-) Is there any one thing or reference you keep handy when writing? Anything you kept around for this particular book?

Google is pretty much the only thing I “always” have on hand. My wife likes

What lessons have you learned through the publication process that you wouldn't have guessed as a pre-published writer?

I would never guess the number of things that can become of critical importance when editing.

Ain't that the truth! Are there any people (family, writing group, editors) who you rely on when writing?

My wife is probably the most important key to any success I have in writing.

Awwww. (Andrea, did you write that answer? Kidding, kidding.) Aside from writing, what takes up most of your time?

Working for the man, man. (Just joking.)

If someone were to give you $5,000 to spend on anything you wanted, what would you buy? (No saving or gifts to charities allowed!)

I would put up the money to start my own publishing imprint and publish, Genesis of Judgment, serious futuristic bioethics novel that has yet to find a publishing home.

Quite a goal!  If you could take your family on a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I’d have to say Scotland, to the ancestral family castle.

Sweet! What are you writing right now?

Right now, I’m writing the answers to the interview…Okay, forgive the literal sense of humor. (Quote Monk, “It’s a gift and a curse.”)

I’ve got an idea for a detective parody novel that I’m working on. I also might get to finishing the origin novel of my 18-inch tall superhero, Packages.

LOL. Any upcoming releases we should keep our eye out for?

I wrote a science fiction story based on Jesus’ parable of the Unjust Judge and sold it to Residential Aliens magazine. It should be out in the next issue or so.


Thanks for stopping by, guys! Everyone, you can check out their website at and purchase from Amazon.


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  2. I promise I didn't write that. But since I was sitting right there when he penned it, I do wonder if he was trying to score good husband points. ;)