Monday, January 3, 2011

Modern . . . Romantic Comedy

I've chatted a bit about this subject before, in that I was wondering if I should consider publishing the two romantic comedies I have with WhiteFire eventually. I don't think I came to any conclusions, and that's not really my point today. ;-)

I just finished reading a book by who I would consider a romantic comedy author (you'll find out who tomorrow, when I review her book). As always, her story was contemporary. I happen to know that she was considering doing a historical at one point a few years ago, which she assured me would still have that bit of humor to it, but alas. So far as I know, that never happened.

Which got me to thinking. I've read historical romantic comedy, but only by Mary Connealy. (Her books are amazing, by the way. Laugh-out-loud, romantic, and cowboys. Can't go wrong.) I can't think of any others I've come across. Oh, there are some funny moments in many  historicals, to be sure. Lots of them. But not most of them.

Ever wonder why the lighthearted, hilarious novels are usually modern? Maybe because we understand our own senses of humor better? Maybe because we don't mind trivializing stuff from our own time? Hmm.

I'm guilty of this myself. When I come up with a funny story idea, it's modern. When I come up with weighter subjects, they're generally (not always, but generally) historical. Why? I . . . don't . . . know.

But I'd love to chat about it! Let's start the year out with fun. =) And I hope everyone enjoyed a happy and safe New Year's! I'm looking forward to an amazing 2011.

Oh! And to ring it in right . . . you know what? This deserves its own post. Guess I'll do two this morning. ;-)


  1. The sooner the better those comedies hit the bookstores, the better! You've already got quite a following, those will bring you even more. Go for it, girlfriend!


  2. Gee, how did I know that would be your reaction, O you who adore both Keaton and Sawyer? ;-)