Monday, January 3, 2011

Jewel of Persia Is Available!!!

Wow, this is exciting! With the dawn of 2011, I also get to celebrate the realization of many months of hard work. Jewel of Persia is available!!!!!

The digital version, technically. ;-) You can find it at all the major e-book retailers, of course--or will be able to within the next week, but they're all in process--but we recommend you go straight to our e-book distributor, from whom you can download any format you want. Kindle, Nook, what have you.

Click here to visit my page on eBookIt! It's priced at a bargain $3.99, so, you know, why not? (And yes, that's the publisher's philosopher. "Let's price it so that people will go, 'Why not? It's not even 4 bucks!'")

For those of us who aren't so interested in (or don't have) e-readers, the paperback is also up and available for pre-order at Amazon or our store, CrossPurposes. Naturally, I recommend you go to CrossPurposes, so that I can sign it for you. ;-)

Oh, and the blog tour kicks off today too! Look over at the left margin for each stop along the way--there's one a week from now until June. (Okay, I don't have May filled up yet, but I suspect I will by the time it rolls around. And if you'd like to have me on your blog, just let me know!) I'll be offering giveaways at them all--your choice of digital or print when I get my copies (I'll be keeping a list of winners, which I will send out the moment my books arrive).


  1. I'm so excited to see it finally coming out! :)

    Michelle V

  2. Congrats and yeah! Your hard work is finally done. :O)

  3. A big "Ha!" to that, Diane! ;-) Seriously, thanks. =)

  4. So you're saying that if I invite you over, you'll pay me a visit on my blog? I think we might need to talk details... Jordan(at)gnuhaus(dot)com

  5. CONGRATS! This book looks SO good!!!! I can't wait to read it!

  6. And BTW Roseanna, I would LOVE to feature you on my blog - Reviews By Jane - sometime soon! Please email me at knownasjane(at)yahoo(dot)com!