Monday, December 6, 2010

Modern . . . Gets Put on Hold

Whenever I sit down on Monday mornings lately, I have an internal debate. What do I really have to write about right now that's on contemporaries? Sure, I have a slew of them written, but they're not in my thoughts. And which one should I talk about this time? My beach books? My romantic suspense? What??

Well, today I'll just talk about my thoughts on the matter, which are spurred from two separate friends/family members asking this past week, "When do I get to read Seized? Every time you mention it, it intrigues me."

To which I reply, "Whenever I finish it."

Sigh. I can write quickly--really I can. But I still have to have the time in general, and at this point all my time's going to historicals that, you know, actually have the promise of being published. So . . . yeah. Seized is put on hold. Though as soon as I have no deadline looming over me on Jewel of Persia  and my Annapolis story, you can bet I'll be going back to it.

But I've definitely come to appreciate a few things about contemporaries while writing all these historicals. Case in point--I spent my weekend in Annapolis, so I went downtown and plotted out my heroine's escape route through the city, etc. Very handy . . . except that most of the buildings here now weren't here then. I'm pretty lucky when it comes to Annapolis--it's such a historical tourist town that even the street signs have dates on them, and there are plaques on each corner saying who bought and built what when. Still. One major plus of researching a place for a modern story is that what you see is what you need.

Anyway. There are my thoughts this morning. Hopefully not too dull. ;-)

Now, quick reminder--there are only TWO DAYS left in the online book signing. TWO DAYS! Tomorrow it closes, so you'd better hurry yourself over to and make up your minds about what books you want! =)


  1. You mean you don't have your THIRD Biblical book written yet? Hmmm. Going slack on us, aren't you? lol. Just kidding. You are a fast writer, dear friend. But take some time out for yourself. I mean it. :)


  2. Time . . . for . . . my . . . self?? What is that thing you speak of? ;-)