Monday, November 15, 2010

Kkkkrrrrrrrrssssshhhhhhh (that's static)

I'm sorry. Due to technical difficulties (with my brain) this blog will not be bringing you glimpses into contemporary stories today. Which is to say, the writer of said blog's poor little mind is so overwhelmed with the details and logistics of this online signing she's planning that she can't think of anything else.

Please bear with us. Tomorrow there will be a book review (got three different books I need to write one for . . .) and Wednesday should bring history without issue. But today--ugh. It's Monday, I've already had internet issues, and, well, I have a new pile of email concerning this spectacular event I need to tackle before the school day begins.

So . . . carry on. Nothing to see here (today).

Oh! In exciting news, though, WhiteFire Publishing just snatched up a fabulous new author, whose debut novel Unveiled will be available later in 2011! If you want to check it out, drop in on Christine Lindsay. =) We're very excited to be bringing y'all this marvelous story of love and intrigue in India!

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  1. OH, Lindsay's book sounds great & promising. Congrats, Ro! Hey, take it easy. You need a break. Orders from . . . you know who. :)