Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thoughtful About . . . My Week

First, today's my best friend Stephanie Morrill's birthday, so all you mutual acquaintances should go wish her a happy 27th. =)

Now as to my oh-so-broad topic for the day.

It's been a busy week. Last Saturday was Xoe's 5th birthday, which of course means that last Friday was spent making her cake. For those who tuned in last Thursday and saw my picture of "this is what I'm going to make, hopefully it'll turn out," here's a picture of how it actually DID turn out. Not too shabby, eh? Xoe was tickled with it, which is what matters. =)

Her party went well--the kids played it up at Chick-Fil-A, and Mommy didn't have to worry with the cake crumbs. Awesome.

Sunday I finally cleared out my closet and dresser, a task I have been putting off since MAY. Oh boy, can I ever procrastinate! Yesterday I carted off the three garbage bags of clothes I no longer wear.

There was a "supposed to" this week that involved a trip to North Carolina, which I am rather glad didn't happen. I won't get into the details of this impromptu vacation, the idea of which stressed me to the max, but we've all been a little under the weather  (changing seasons--argh), so it was just impossible. Shucks. Really. (Though I could have done without the stuffy nose and headaches . . .)

Yesterday I got the full cover for Jewel of Persia, and the back is just as awesome as the front, as usual. I'm posting it below so you can see the awesomeness of the bracelet. =)

This Saturday my church is taking a trip into Pennsylvania to visit our parent church. Tomorrow I'm making a pumpkin flavored cake--no jack o' lantern faces on this one, LOL--for the lunch following. The kids are staying here with the designated babysitter (my sister dear), and then that evening is trick or treating. Should be fun!

Thrilling, I know. I intended to have deeper thoughts today, but alas. Getting a book cover just totally consumes me, LOL, and I can't think anything deeper than "Ooooooo! Aaaaahhhhh!" ;-)

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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

    And I can't decide which I'm more impressed with - the cake or the back cover! Fortunately, I don't have to decide.