Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Remember When . . . It Was Time to Switch Gears?

So after six months in Ancient Persia, a thought or two spared for the 1920s, and then a week in Regency England, I am yet again shifting gears. Why, you ask? What can she possibly be working on now?

Well, as it happens, it's time to buckle down and work on my story set in Annapolis of 1784. This story is penciled into a publisher's 2012 schedule (this is nothing official, mind you, though promising), and the editor said she would want to see the full (or whatever I have done) in January or so. So . . . time to get something done on it!

I've been helping myself out by reading Golden Keyes Parsons' Where Hearts are Free, which is set in 17th century Philadelphia. Not exactly 18th century Annapolis, but closer than I've been, and it at least gets me in the mood for it. I also just joined a Colonial American writing list, which, again, technically cuts off about five years before my book starts, but that one I deem close enough. =) I think today I might break out my delightful book on the history of Annapolis that shares hilarious insights like "he, like a proper English gentleman, died of the gout."

I think I may also call the historical society down there and get them in on the fun of this. I'm really looking forward to diving into history that I'm already acquainted with, in a town whose historic district I've lived, schooled, and worked in. I just love Annapolis.

And, of course, I get to dive back into the minds of my heroine seeking the liberty her brother just fought for, and my hero who needs to realize that this new country is about far more than duty. Yay!

Oh, on a side note, my companion guide for Jewel of Persia is now complete and ready for your viewing pleasure on my website.


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