Monday, October 11, 2010

Modern . . . New Ideas

So after sending out proposals for approximately everything I've ever written (okay, not everything, but a lot!) I obviously have these crazy thoughts. Like, "What if, rather than the historicals I've been writing, it's my contemporaries they want? If that's the case, then they'd expect me have more of them . . . so what would I give them?"

If Yesterday's Tides clicks with a pub team, then cool--I've got that series planned out, and even an idea for a follow-up series. But if by some strange chance someone wanted my romantic suspense . . . do I have any more ideas for those? Hmm.

I probably have a few ideas in my Documents folder that could redone for the cause. But considering that option isn't nearly so interesting as coming up with a new one, right? So my brain goes to the random, not at all fleshed out idea I had on vacation. My hubby had just bought me an absolutely gorgeous larmiar necklace, and I was reading the brochure about larimar on the way home.
Photo by Ra'ike

For all of you who are like I was two months ago, you have no clue what larimar even is, let alone why there's a whole brochure about it. Well, crash course. It looks like this picture. Back in the 70s, some dude who was visiting the Domincan Republic came across a stone like this while washing in a river, and he had never seen anything like it--for good reason. This particular gem exists in only one square kilometer in the world, in the midst of the Dominican rain forest. He named it larimar after his daughter Larissa and mar, the Spanish word for "sea," since the stone calls the ocean to mind.

Larimar is the rarest gemstone on the planet, and last year they began mining the last layer of it. So naturally, my little brain thinks, "Something that rare, and just about gone . . . there has to be a story in there somewhere!"

I've got an inkling of an idea, but I'd love some brainstorming, just for fun. Anybody have any fun suggestions for how to use this information in a suspenseful story?

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  1. Maybe Larimar is not really rare but the government is hoarding it to boost it's price for some reason. . . Or, maybe it is being hoarded because it has some special esoteric property . . . Or, maybe it IS so rare because it came from another planet. . .