Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thoughtful About . . . Promises

You know one thing I love about the Bible? You can't open it up without finding God's promises and encouragement. You can't read about despair without hope chasing on its heels.

As everyone returned from the ACFW conference this week, I was smacked with a few moments of jealousy. I decided not to go this year based on prayer, and I know I made the right decision. We took a family vacation instead, and a glorious week at the beach (with absolutely perfect weather) for the four of us and both sets of parents was less expensive than conference would have been for me. And it was awesome.

But still, when I heard everyone else talking about the wonderful people they got to meet, the connections they made . . . well, I had to put myself in time out. I took my Bible out to the swing and let God give me a talking to. Asked him to remind me that he knew what I needed and was working on getting me there.

I asked him to give me an appropriate Bible passage, and opened up to II Kings 3. This is just after Elisha receives the spirit of Elijah--the kings of Judah, Israel, and Edom are all going to war against Moab, but there isn't any water for their soldiers. They call on Elisha, asking him to beseech God for water. He replies in 3:18:

"And this is a simple matter in the sight of the Lord; He will also deliver the Moabites into your hand."

Okay--so not only will God provide what I need, what I ask for, he'll give me complete victory. Something I know, but a reminder I needed.

This was Tuesday. On Wednesday I turned to Isaiah 27:2-4:

In that day sing to her,
"A vineyard of red wine!
I, the Lord, keep it,
I water it every moment;
Lest any hurt it,
I keep it night and day.
Fury is not in me.
Who would set briers and thorns
Against me in battle?
I would go through them.
I would burn them together. . . ."

This was awesome too. As soon as I read it, that lightbulb went on. I have my dreams, yes--but they're not mine, they're the Lord's. He's the keeper of that garden of dreams. He sends the water (water again!) that nourishes them, he watches over the tender sprouts to make sure no one tramples them. I might fear the thorns and briers--but he doesn't. Why should he? Trouble is nothing to God.

I'm just praising the Lord today for his promises. For the way he always reminds me of them when I'm tempted to wallow in my forgetfulness. For always sending the water to nourish my soul.

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