Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thoughtful About . . . Photo Shoots

I intended to wax philosophical and thoughtful this morning--not that I knew what I was going to be all brilliant about, but I figured I was due for some profound thoughts. ;-) Then I thought maybe I'd mention my friend Kimberly who's coming up this weekend, perhaps link y'all to her awesome toy-making blog, Lord Circus (the toy-making's awesome--the blog just started).

But then friend Dina ruined those goals by sending me an email telling me to look up Christian Agha Photography on Facebook, as he has apparently volunteered to take the photos of the young woman who also volunteered to model for my book cover. Now I'm far too excited about the shoot happening over the next few days to be concerned with wowing you all with my deep thoughts.

Because, let's face it, book covers are crucial. I am super-duper excited to be working with Tekeme Studios again, because George did a fabulous job with A Stray Drop of Blood. But since I can't very well beg his wife to model for every single cover WhiteFire has him design (snicker, snicker), finding a new model was my worry this time. So special thanks to above-mentioned friend Dina for finding me not one, but THREE girls willing to volunteer their time for the sheer fun of having their face on a book cover. And for finding an awesome photographer working for a song, too! How in the world did you manage that, Dina?? ;-)

Basically, Roseanna is excited. And, as always, a little nervous. My hubby said something about the weirdness of relying on volunteers for all this, but to me, it's confirmation that we're on the right track, that these fellow believers are taking of their time to help me out--and you can bet if there's anything I can do for them in return, I'll be quick to offer!

That's what I love about the Church, which we see so often in the Christian publishing world--we help each other. We love each other, even when we don't know each other. We're working for a common goal, and so we don't mind giving a little in order to get the message out to others. We promote each other, work for each other, serve each other, just like Jesus instructed us to do. So thank you, all you wonderful people helping my dream become reality. Thank you for helping me get my stories out there. And thank you, Lord, for leading me to the right people at the right time.

God rocks, doesn't He? =)


  1. We're actually having a ton of fun with this. Christi is helping out and bringing along one of her friends who is interested in the publishing business too.

  2. Oh good! I know *I* would be having tons of fun with it, but David's still afraid of imposing.

  3. That's actually what pushed me toward writing for the Christian market. The first writers' conference I went to was a secular one. I didn't make a single friend. It felt like all us writers were competitors. But everyone was super friendly at my first Christian writers conference.