Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Story Time . . . THE EDGE OF THE DIVINE by Sandi Patty

Indeed, these are the edges of His ways,
and how small a whisper we see of Him!
~ Job 26:14

This is the verse that begins Sandi Patty's The Edge of Divine. The book is one aimed at women and what we do when we reach a crossroads--an edge. Do we choose the downward path, one that might lead us straight to shame? Or do we leap over the edge into the arms of Father, into his grace and favor?

For Sandi, one of these edges came when she realized her weight had spiraled out of control and was becoming a major risk to her health and her very life. After telling herself for years that it wasn't that bad, she must finally make a decision that she knows requires a huge life-change. But in order to make those changes, she has to first understand what pushes her toward one edge . . . and glimpse what the Lord has in store for her if she trusts in him and leaps off into his divine will.

The Edge of the Divine isn't just a book about one woman's weight loss surgery. It's a book about learning to trust God with our deepest issues . . . and finding him in what seems like our darkest hours. Through stories of her life and experiences, this award-winning singer, speaker, and author paints a picture of how gentle and loving is the touch of our Maker when we walk--or perhaps leap off--into obedience.

I enjoyed the stories Sandi shares and learning more about her life, but what I most liked about The Edge of the Divine is seeing the many examples she shares of those times she's on that edge, and how God has caught her and borne her up when she chose his will. She's found a plethora of Bible verses from several versions that bring this edge to life, and I found myself rushing through the chapters just to discover another of those gems.

Fans of Women of Faith and Sandi Patty, women who share her struggle, or anyone who senses an edge approaching in their life's walk will want to check into this book. Though I have little in common with the author at first glance, I found myself sharing her joys and sorrows and looking in my own life for evidence of this same idea. That, in my opinion, is the mark of a good book.

It seems it was good for me to go through all those troubles.
Through them all you held tight to my lifeline.
You never let me tumble over the edge into nothing.
~ Isaiah 38:16

*This book was sent to me free of charge by a publicist for review purposes.


  1. I can't wait to read your interview!

  2. wow, this sounds like a very "real" book. Something to pick up soon! I had no idea of Sandi's struggle. I hadn't heard about her in years and wondered at first if this was the same Sandi Patty (the singer)! Sounds like God has done amazing things. Doesn't He always? =)

  3. For years Sandi Patty has been my favorite of Christian singers and I've sung many of her works myself and felt very privileged to do so. Her life has always interested me and I am very excited for her to be publishing her story. I'm looking forward to reading her book. I'm wondering if you will be interviewing her soon and if her book will be offered for giveaway? There must have been a reason God directed me to this blogsite!!! This is my first visit and I know I'll be back often.

    Grace & Joy in Christ,
    Barb Shelton
    Arlington, TX

  4. Hi Barb!

    I will indeed be posting an interview at some point--I just sent her publicist the questions last week. I'm not yet sure if there will be a giveaway in conjunction, but I'll definitely ask. I saw you at the giveaway of my book over on Katie's blog, so it's great to see you here!

  5. Thanks for your kind comment, Roseanna! I just noticed "Drop of Blood" is available for the Kindle. That makes me happy....if I can't win it...I can buy it! LOL

    Praying for your many successes ahead,