Monday, August 23, 2010

Modern . . . Surprises

In the last year or so, I've taken to writing a summary of a book as soon as the idea strikes. There have been times I've stuck nearly exactly to that initial outline. And other times . . . well, I don't. =)

For my contemporary romantic suspense with the Bedouin woman and the ex-SEAL, I'd originally intended the hero's father to not get along with the heroine right away. My thinking was that it would add an unexpected level of tension. She'd have to win him over with her sweet spirit. Prove he had no reason to be wary of her, and that he ought not judge her.

The thing is, when the Admiral got a load of her the first time, he just refused to judge her. Instead, he judged those who had misused her and immediately became one of her fiercest protectors--even against his son, who is a fabulous man but who doesn't fully understand what the heroine needs in each moment.

Yeah, the Admiral kinda threw me for a loop with that. How was I going to maintain the tension? Thankfully, the sweet sister, Peaches, stepped into the gap. She was more than willing to sneak into the heroine's room and give her the "You mess with mine and you'll find out how sweet I'm not" speech. Not that she doesn't like the heroine, mind you, she's just wary.

Someone had to be!

In a way, this is a lot like first impressions. My hubby's philosophy is "My first impressions are always wrong." They're not always, but they seem to be spectacularly. His best friends now he didn't necessarily like the first time they met. Just one of life's surprises.

Has anyone--fictional or real--ever thrown you for a loop like that?


  1. I think we go into things with biases sometimes and they don't always hold up. :O)

  2. Ahh, Characters. Sometimes they know more about what's going on then we do.
    Have a great day.

  3. Miss this book. When do you plan to get back to it. The Bedouin women is such an intriguing character.

  4. Well, not until I finish edits on JoP, for sure. I'm debating after that whether to hammer SEIZED home real quick (it'll probably only take me a month, month and a half tops) or get started on the sequel to JoP. Of course, until I have a plot for said sequel . . . might as well finish this one. =) I miss it too!