Monday, July 26, 2010

Modern . . . Technology

Nice title, eh? Given that "modern technology" is a thing in itself. Oh yes. I'm brilliant this morning before my coffee. =)

Anyhoo. Here in the White household, my hubby just ordered a tablet (kinda like a Kindle but capable of internet access), and we're super excited to receive it. For the last two months he's been spitting out phrases like, "If I had a tablet, I'd do this right now." And given that "do this" often includes helping me with my stuff, I was all in favor of ordering one. And now I'm thinking, "When David gets his tablet, I can borrow it to . . ." =)

Which got me thinking about the roles technology plays in my books. As a rule, I don't mention any specifics because I don't want to date my manuscripts. But sometimes I have characters who are so interested in it that it can't go without mention. In Yesterday's Tides my hero, Rem(ington) is a techno-guru at the CIA. So he's one of those guys that travels with two bags. His laptop case, and the one for everything else.

In Seized, my hero is the dude on the ship that monitors radar and other computer feedback (it has a name. I can't think of it right this second. Pre-coffee, as I already warned y'all), so he's pretty handy with the machines too. Will get interesting when he's trying to teach the basics of 21st century technology to the heroine, who has never even dialed a phone.

I've noted in recent years that one way I can tell older books by some favorite authors versus current ones is the technology present in the stories. Picked one up a while back and laughed when the character was attacked somewhere away from her home, and she had no way to communicate with the hero. This day and age, a cell phone would be whipped out in about half a second--or else the author would have to make it clear why she couldn't.

Technology does indeed shape our lives--how does it shape our stories? Any funny or just brilliant examples of how you've seen it utilized in a book you've read or one you're writing?

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  1. One of my character in Wounded Spirits had a double barreled rifle that gave him an edge in battle. Hey, that was super technology in 1813! I ended up cutting that part from the book, but it reminds me that how technology shapes our lives has differed from one generation to another.
    fun question!