Monday, July 12, 2010

Modern . . . Obsessions

And no, I don't mean the Twilight Saga. (Though I did just go see Eclipse . . .)

I'm thinking more things our characters are obsessed with that give them little personality quirks to make things fun. In Driftwood Lane the heroine is a safety inspector, and she's more than a little obsessed with things being super-safe and up to code. Things many of us wouldn't notice. It can be a ton of fun to have those things in our own characters too.

For instance, I have a heroine, Davina, who grew up in a very stodgy family. She's breaking out of that shell and going a little crazy with interesting fashions, but her major obsession is tea. Though she'll talk your ear off any other time, when she has a cup of tea in her hands, she goes totally silent. Before she came to Christ, she used it as a time of reflection. Now, it's her prayer time. And she's so well known for it that whenever her friends or family need some quiet, they just shove a cup of tea at her.

In another of my contemporaries, my heroine is the sole daughter sandwiches between two sets of sons. Her thing, when it comes to those four brothers, is to greet everything they do with either "Worst brother ever!" or "Best brother ever!" which always makes her siblings laugh. Especially since the smallest thing might get them either the blessing or the curse.

Have you come across any fun characters quirks or obsessions lately, either in a published book or one of your own manuscripts? Share!

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  1. In Lisa Samson's Quaker Summer, the main character is wanting to simplify her life, and she's obsessed with everything being white. In getting rid of all her linens and dishes and everything and replacing them with white ones. That stuck with me for some reason.