Monday, May 17, 2010

Modern . . . Music

Don't ask me why this topic just popped into my head--I've got no clue, LOL. But it should be interesting. =)

Confession: I don't listen to much modern music. My radio stays tuned to the classical station--which on Friday nights plays Big Band music. My family refers to Fridays from 6-9 as Music Night, and we all gather in the living room to read, talk, and dance to Glen Miller and Benny Goodman and the like.

Other than these two styles of music, I tend to go around singing (anyone wanna take a wild guess here?) songs from the kids' shows. We're especially fond of Phineas and Ferb, which has a truly inspired repertoire of music. (Not kidding--they've got a fantastic music writer!)

Now, in life in general, I have no problems with my musical choices. It only gets a little difficult when I'm writing a contemporary and have my characters listening to music. They can't all like classical and swing, and they certainly can't all go around singing the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

This is where friends are so awesome. When I need a character to be listening to modern musicians, they are my go-to source for what my characters might like. Although in Note to Self, I cheated and had her singing an oldie--I'm fairly coherent when it comes to talking anything prior to the 90s. =)

What is my point in this? I have no idea. Perhaps that I adore my critique partners, who can help me round out my characters even in these seemingly-small ways. Perhaps that I do appreciate music, even if I'm embarrassingly out-of-date. Or perhaps that it's Monday, which means modern, and I'm so stuck in Ancient Persia right now that I've got nothing else of import to share, LOL.

Hope everyone's week is off to a fabulous start! And for reference, check out my new "Current Giveaway" gadget in the sidebar--a handy way to link without having to take up space in my current blog. Cool, huh? And for reference, there'll be a second giveaway tomorrow, for Delia Latham's Yesterday's Promise. Don't miss it!


  1. Now "In The Mood" is running through my head :)

  2. I noticed your "current giveaway" gadget. Very cool!
    Oh and classical music is the only way to go.

  3. My type of music, altho I adore oldies. :)