Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thoughtful About . . . My Guys

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Today's a pretty cool day in my history. It's my husband's and mine dating anniversary--twelve years that we've been together! Woo hoo! I was 15 when he became my boyfriend, and we've been going strong ever since, never so much as a passing breakup to mar our record. =) David's the only guy I've ever kissed, the only guy I ever loved, and I'm so blessed to have found him so early in life.

We got some raised eyebrows when we became a couple. I was the epitome of a good girl--top of the class, never got in a whiff of trouble. David . . . in a conventional sense, he wasn't a rebel. But he just didn't care to bend to the (seriously) over-inflated power-grabbing of our school's then-principal, so he came off as one to the rest of us. Didn't take long for people to lose interest in us--until we got engaged during senior year, which just isn't done these days without incentive, if you know what I mean. ;-)

All these years later, people are finally willing to grant that, yes, we knew what we were doing. Yes, sometimes these days teens are responsible enough to handle a serious relationship. Sometimes it really is the Lord's will to defy convention. (And don't get me started on how new that no-teen-romances-last thing really is.)

Now onto my other guy, the 2-year-old one. =) Anyone who saw yesterday's blog or my Facebook stuff knows he was having some breathing issues, wheezing--probably RSV. He's doing much better now, no wheezing thus far today.

Gotta say, though, dealing with this on Tuesday really took me back--and not in a good way. When Rowyn was born, he had pneumo-thorax--gas outside the lung that kept the lungs from fully expanding, which means fast, shallow respirations. He spend the first day of his life under an oxygen hood in the NICU, while Mommy prayed they wouldn't have to get rid of the gas manually as the oxygen would work. (It did.) Hearing him breathing fast and shallow again on Tuesday catapulted me back to that NICU, even though I knew this couldn't be related. This time, at least, his blood-oxygen levels were fine.

Yesterday he was still wheezing a bit in the morning, but he was happy as a clam all day long and high-energy. Unlike me, who was sleep deprived and showing it before my two-hour nap. =) He's even better today, so I've got no qualms with pawning him and Xoe off on a grandparent this evening so David and I can go out to dinner. =)

Hope everyone has a great April 8th!


  1. Happy Anniversary! What an inspiration you guys are!

  2. Happy, happy anniversary to a dear couple (altho I don't know David)!