Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Story Time . . . HIGHLAND BLESSINGS by Jennifer Taylor

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And I'm sure y'all were just so bored yesterday without a post from me (ha ha), but I was too sick to care. Feeling mostly better this morning, though with a headache . . .

Anyway. Today you're getting a sneak peak of a book whose author I'll soon be posting an interview with and which I'll be doing a giveaway of. Enjoy!

Highland Blessings
by Jennifer Taylor

It's supposed to be her wedding day. But first Akira MacKenzie's groom gives his regrets, and then the MacPhearson warriors swoop down on them. Akira knows they've come for her--in spite of the fact that the chief of the MacPhearsons sent a missive breaking their engagement, he has obviously changed his mind and will not let her wed another. Except . . . why is it Evan's younger brother, Bryce, that comes for her instead of The MacPhearson himself?

Bryce is determined to honor his last promise to his dying father--that he would see peace with the MacKenzie's through Evan's engagement with the clan chief's daughter, Akira. His brother may not agree, but Bryce will not let one man's stubborness lead to more war. He steals Akira away and knows within moments of spending time with her that Evan will change his mind once he meets her and wed her as he should. How could he not? This is no ordinary woman, and such fire as she has will surely make a strong marriage and strong sons to bind the two clans together. Now if only he can keep his own thoughts off the woman destined to be The MacPhearson's wife.

Highland Blessings combined the charm of medieval Scotland with intrigue, adventure, and a love that battles the odds. The story takes the readers through twists and turns brought about by treachery, misunderstanding, and the misguided hatred of one clan for another. But through it all is the deep-seated love of family and the soul-deep connection of two people who don't quite understand why they feel these things for each other but cannot long deny them.

I was glad to see a book with this setting and look forward to more from Jennifer!

*I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes.


  1. This sounds like a very fun book!
    Thanks for bringing it to our attention, and I pray you feel better, Roseanna!

  2. Feel better, Roseanna!

    Thanks for sharing Jennifer's book with us. I can't wait to read more.

  3. Thanks Kristen and Susanne!

    Roseanna, thank you for taking the time to read Highland Blessings. I really appreciate the review.