Monday, March 22, 2010

Modern . . . Actors

Couple things. First, don't forget to enter Friday's giveaway for Lisa Lickle's Meander Scar.

Next, I have a few guest appearances this week. They're not all up as of the moment I'm posting this, but should be today. I wrote a guest blog for Holly at Chocolate Contemplations (delicious name, eh?) on achieving your dreams. Holly's a young aspiring writer I've taken under my wing, and I was honored she came to me when she decided to do a post on this topic.

A really fun interview will be going up at Continuous Delights, coupled with a giveaway.

There's a really in-depth, really right-on review of A Stray Drop of Blood up today at The Character Therapist. Jeannie takes a deeper look at the issues and characters than a lot of reviews do, so it's fun to read and get some professional insight. =) She's running a giveaway of it through Palm Sunday, so if you're still waiting on a copy (I'm looking at you, Karen K.!) hop over and enter!

Oh, and just because it's exciting--tomorrow I'll be taping an interview with a local radio station! They post them to their website after they air, so I'll post the link when it's up. =)


Now, thankfully my "real" post is short today, LOL. When Stray Drop came out, everyone started asking me "What actors would you choose to play your main characters?" It wasn't too hard to figure it out for Abigail and Jason, Titus and Cleopas, Ester and Andrew. But it got me thinking about my other books, the ones being reviewed by major pubs now. In my usual optimistic way, I start thinking, "Well, what if Yesterday's Tides sells? Who will play them?"

I've done some looking, and I'm still CLUELESS. So I figured, eh, I'd ask you. You probably watch different TV shows than me, so maybe you'll think of someone I've forgotten. Wanna help me out?

Louisa--25, drop-dead gorgeous. Stunning blue eyes, warm brown hair kissed by the sun. Looks tan, which she is, but it's mostly because she's 1/4 black. So far I'm thinking Leila Arcieri, but her eyes are more a green than a blue . . . open to suggestions.

But mostly I need help with Rem--34, blonde hair, blue-green eyes. Fit and attractive without being so cute that girls drool. A nerd at heart, but looks the part of society-dude. I am SO drawing a blank on this. There just aren't enough blonde men out there! I could almost see Paul Walker, but he's a little too . . . well, he was in The Fast and the Furious, so you tell me why he wouldn't make a good CIA computer geek. =)

Anybody got any better suggestions? And while you're at it, keep an eye out for a 6'6" gorgeous guy with long mahogany hair to be Garret. =)

Okay, boy-o tugging on elbow. Have a great Monday!


  1. Thank-You so very much for guest posting for me today! You did an incredible job, just like I knew you would! I appreciate your friendship, "criticism", and "pushes" to reach for the stars, more than you'll ever know! Thanks again!

  2. This is so funny because I just had to go through a similar thing with Meander - I put it into screen play format for a contest, and really had to think about actors. I don't get cable, so...well, anyway, all I could think of was a Ben Affleck-y kind of guy for Mark. But for you...hmmm, Simon Baker? Jesse Spencer?

  3. Hmm, Lisa. I'm always torn on Jesse Spencer--I really like him, but he's prettier than most of my heroes, LOL. Simon Baker, though . . . he could work. Hmmmmm.


  4. thank you for thinking of me, roseanna


  5. For Rem, I say Matthew Morrison from Glee, his hair is a dark blond. He it a total hearthrob geek!