Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thoughtful About . . . Silence--and Birthdays

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I've always been a girl who appreciates her silence. Back when I was a teenager, I would go through what I called "quiet phases." They weren't moods, exactly--my emotions were on keel, and I've never been prone to swings in the usual sense--but I would go a day or two without speaking but when necessary. My lips would literally start to stick together, and prying them apart just didn't seem worth it when I had so many interesting thoughts going on inside my head, LOL. They never lasted long, and my friends and family generally just rolled their eyes and gave me my space.

I always thought I'd marry a man who respected my silences. That I'd raise a family that treasured those golden moments of quiet. Um . . . no. Now, don't get me wrong--David understands me like no other. Which means that he knows that the only way to get at those deep thoughts I'm thinking is to pry them out of me with pokes, prods, and the occasional incessant, "Whatcha thinking? Huh? What? Talk to me. Talk to me!"

And our kids? Um, yeah. Neither 4-year-olds nor 2-year-olds really care too much if Mommy would like some quiet. Heaven knows they never do!

But sometimes I still need those times of perfect silence. Of peace. Of solitude. I had to explain this in detail to my family about a year ago and make it clear that it wasn't that I didn't want to spend time with them, but that I wouldn't enjoy it when I did if I didn't get some nice, quiet "me" time.

I've learned to take it where I can get it--and I'm thinking about it now because I'm currently upstairs with my laptop while my husband's down watching hockey, and the kids are in bed. I can hear the bubble of the water through the pipes. The whistle of the wind outside. The TV is only a faint echo downstairs, and the kids' even breathing barely reaches my ears.

And my soul gives a happy sigh. This is how the Lord ministers to me, through these moments of simplicity. And though I may wish I had more of them, I know that whatever He gives me, it's enough. It's so easy to wish for more--more quiet, more work time, more help, more sales, more success, more, period. But more is never enough, so I pray that we see how He makes it all sufficient. Then we can truly treasure these stolen moments.

But because they'll soon end and the squealing of exuberant little ones will fill my ears again by the time this post goes up, I'm also smiling and thinking, "Awww" because on February 11 my baby boy turns TWO! Wow. Amazing to think that this time two years ago, I was in labor. It's been so awesome to get to know my adventurous little guy, even if he is sure to give me gray hair any day now. (You should see this kid climb out of his high chair. And up to the light switch over the chair in the living room. And onto the bathroom sink, which REALLY gives me a heart attack!)

So happy birthday to Rowyn! I treasure you way more than silence and am so, so thankful to the Lord for your every dimpled grin! Isn't he just the cutest thing??


  1. Happy Birthday, Rowyn!! What a cutie!
    May you have just the right amount of quiet so you can truly enjoy the wonderful rowdiness of motherhood!!:)