Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thoughtful About . . . Organizing

Hello, my name is Roseanna, and I am disorganized.

That's right, I confess it. The dishes sometimes sit on the counter for a day or so. The toys lay scattered on the floor. And I flip out every day at four o'clock when I realize that yet again I have to make dinner, and I have no idea what to cook.

Now, that's not to say I can't be organized, in fits and starts. This week, for instance, my historical group is doing a book-in-a-week challenge, where we set writing goals and try to meet or surpass them. When we do that, I get down to business. Make sure the house is clean. Plan out the menu for the week. Make a schedule of things that must be done.

But when BIAW is over . . . yeah. It's pretty much back to mess around here.

Not that I haven't tried to keep it up. I have--really, truly! It's lasted all of two, two and a half weeks before I just forget to do something or put off something else and then, poof! Two seconds later, chaos reigns. Seriously. It takes an amazing amount of diligence to keep up with all that junk, and if I falter, my kids are quick to pull out every toy, empty the cabinets of all pots and pans, and generally wreak havoc.

Generally speaking, I don't mind this about myself, even if I am surrounded by super-organized women who love to cook and put me to shame with their neat, tidy houses (and I love you guys!!). But you know what? It's a personality type. I'm laid back with more than my housekeeping. I'm not a worrier, I'm easygoing about people butting into my business (usually, lol). I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

When I'm hunting down something that I've lost, I have been known to utter phrases like, "Why can't I just be better organized?!" But I know my limitations, lol. I'm never going to be the type to regularly make lists, to pick up every crumb, every day. And while I might occasionally wish I did, I'll leave that to those with the Gift of Organizing.

Me, I'll just have to be content with pulling it off when necessary and otherwise not fretting about it. =)



First, mine of Stephanie's book from Friday--today's the final day to enter!! Tomorrow I'll be hosting Golden Keyes Parsons and A Prisoner of Versailles.

And for those interested in a giveaway of my A Stray Drop of Blood, there are currently three: Sandi's, Trish's, and Melanie's.

Plus today I'm guest-blogging at Inkwell Inspirations about The Middle Testament. (Didn't know there was one of those, did you?)


  1. I am always unorganized but it drives me crazy. As a single working mom there just aren't enough hours in the day. Until that housework fairy shows up I'm afraid my house will stay in chaos most of the time. And, since it will just get messed up again anyway, well, I'd rather just read a book and ignore it! ;)

  2. Exactly! If I try to clean, my kiddos literally walk behind me and pull out the toys I just put away. So I generally say, "Heck with it!" and do something I actually enjoy. =)

  3. I'm like you, Roseanna. I'm disorganized until the "Muse of Organization" sings to me. That doesn't happen often. What complicates it is, I live with a man who is a neat freak. So I've had to learn how to be better organized than I naturally am in order to keep the peace (most of the time:)!!