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Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska

by Loree Lough

I had a couple holiday books come in the week before Christmas, and I spent my Christmas week delving into them. I know most people get their reviews of holiday-themed book up in, oh, November, but hey. I didn't have the books then, and there's something about reading a holiday book actually on the holiday. =)

This past holiday, I let myself become buried in my friend Loree Lough's Love Finds You in North Pole, Alaska. I'm a big fan of the Love Finds You books (which only has a small something to do with the fact that their editor loves my manuscript I sent her;-), and this one was a real treat.

The youngest and only daughter of a huge family, Sam Sinclair has a major something to prove--that she can make a go of life on her own, far away from Baltimore. She strikes out in an old RV, with a yearning for a tourist town she saw on TV and a promise in her pocket for a job as chef in a hotel in that oh-so-perfect town. Just think--North Pole, Alaska, where it's Christmas Every Day of the Year! Could anything be better? But when she shows up, she finds her job's been pulled out from under her. Still, she knows this is where God led so. So . . . now what?

Bryce Stone doesn't hate Christmas. He just hates being surrounded by it. Every day. Constantly. With the same music playing all . . . day . . . long. Every day. Constantly. Is that such a crime? But after a war injury leaves him sightless in one eye and his aunt says she needs his help at the shop that was once his parents', this ex-Marine has little choice but to settle back into his hometown. His goal? Unload the unprofitable souvenir store, open a woodworking shop, and invest in some earplugs. Oh--and find someone else to run the store in the meantime. He isn't thrilled with his aunt's choice of the newly-arrived elf with the too-attractive face, but he isn't going to argue. Not when she proves herself capable . . . and more fun to be around than he'd like to admit.

When you pit a Scrooge against an elfin optimist, you're bound to have a few hoots and plenty of chuckles. I had a genuine good time reading this book and enjoyed every page. It wasn't just a story of Christmas--it was a story about finding that peace and surety that can make the holidays so special and integrating it into you life, your very spirit. Through trial, heartache, discovery, and determination, Loree paints a picture about love that just doesn't give up. It sticks. All day. Every day. Constantly.

No matter the time of year, this is a delightful story that you're going to enjoy burying yourself in. (FYI, most of it takes place during an Alaskan summer . . . even if they do run a Christmas store;-)

*I received this book as a complementary review copy.


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