Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Remember When . . . The Reviews Came Flooding In?

Okay, I'm cheating today and just linking to a bunch of awesome stuff that's up this week. =) Totally allowed, though, right? We're allowed to be excited about the buzz on our first release.

So, obviously, first is a reminder to enter my giveaway for Stephanie's Out with the In Crowd.

Next, is Sandi Rog's blog. There's a giveaway and and a little something I wrote, as well as Sandi's observations: "Passion shows. When a reader picks up a book written from the heart, they see, hear, feel, touch and taste the believability of the characters, the intricacies of the setting, the depth of the story. What the writer puts down on the page becomes an intimate part of the reader. And that's how Roseanna writes!"

Moving along to Trish Perry's blog, where there's another giveaway and an interview. She asks some tough questions that really made me think, so hop over there for some fun answers.

I did a guest blog spot with Lauralee Bliss on finding a character's voice. "Voice is always a huge marker for me of a good writer versus a so-so one. When the words of a character flow, when they not only tell me what they’re saying, thinking, and doing, but how–and even whose head I’m in without being told–then I know it’s a strong voice. I’ve read a lot of opinions on how to “find your voice,” on dialogue, on deep POV. But for me, nothing helps me find each character’s voice like sitting back and listening . . ."

Tomorrow another guest spot will be up on Inkwell Inspirations, which I'll link to again then. The theme over there this week is "A Million Missing Facts," and I wrote about all the research I put into Stray Drop and how I was struck by the move from Greek mythology to Old Testament Law and Prophets to Roman literature and then into New Testament writings. It's called "The Middle Testament" and will hopefully be interesting to everyone. =)

Now, some super fabulous reviews!! First (in the order in which I've received them) is Dina Sleiman. "A Stray Drop of Blood by Roseanna White is a novel of epic proportions that blew me away. It beautifully wove together rich history, complex characters, deep spiritual content, romance, and a mesmerizing story all in an edgy and artistic package . . ." Dina goes on to hit on most of the major issues raised by the book, and this review left me in total awe of the fact that people actually get it! LOL. Her review will be linked to the Inkwell post tomorrow, too.

After that I was treated to the words of Susanne Deitz: "An epic tale of salvation, passion and love, this inspirational story is rich in historical detail and intriguing characters, providing a tantalizing glimpse into the Jerusalem and Rome of Jesus’ day."

Next is Edwina Cowgill. "One cannot improve on a perfectly woven plot, characters that come to life as the reader gets to know them and the Biblical setting of the three years of Jesus’ teaching, His crucifixion and resurrection . . . I have read many books - both Christian and secular - in my life. Some of these books have been heralded as 'the best book since the Bible,' and other larger-than-life accolades. I have been moved by these books. But none of them have come close to the effect A Stray Drop of Blood has had on me." Edwina said lots more that was worthy of quoting, but you know. Space. =) Check out her full review at the link, and the comments are flattering too. ;-)

Christine Lindsay made my day with this: " . . .The author has woven a story that not only glistens with historical detail, but draws the reader into a very human drama." (There's also a piece written by me in this post.)

My fabulous crit partner Mary writes: "Strong, multi-layered characters, rich spiritual insights, well-depicted historical events, and moving romance are powerfully combined in an edgy yet tastefully crafted and fast-paced classic . . ."

Cindy Loven says: "A beautiful story of love, redemption and how their lives are changed by Jesus, the story of the Visibullis household is a story that will captivate you from beginning to the end. A story that will have you weeping in sorrow, and gritting your teeth at injustice at its peak."

And the latest is from Michelle V., who begins with "A Stray Drop of Blood by Roseanna M. White is by far one of the best books that I have ever read! There is no way I will ever be able to adequately describe to you just how wonderful this book is. It's not just a book, it is an experience, and it's one that you must have for yourself. The writing, the story, the Gospel message, are all outstanding" and goes on from there with more wonderful stuff. =)

I have a feeling I've missed some . . . And there's more pending, which I'll alert everyone to as they come up, because I get too excited to keep them to myself. =) But suffice it to say that I have been both humbled and flattered, encouraged and edified at all these lovely words about my words. I have been told it's a book to savor, to reread, one epic in its influence as well as its story. I've brought people to tears (who knew that would be good thing? LOL) and been compared more than once to Francine Rivers--who has always rated as Best Author Ever in my mind.

So thank you, readers, reviewers, and influencers! You guys make my day regularly. =)


  1. Ok, now I want to read it again! *sigh*

  2. LOL, Michelle. You go right ahead. ;-)

  3. I've received several inquiries about the book, and I can't recommend it enough. I'm still thinking about the characters and the plot, weeks later. You've done a fabulous job writing this novel.

    Oh, and thanks for the link, Roseanna!

  4. Happy to link, Susanne! And by all means, recommend it to everyone! LOL. I'm so, so glad this is a stick-with-you book. I think we probably all fear our stuff will end up in the toss-it-out pile and fade from the mind, so it's awesome that people keep saying that. =)