Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thoughtful About . . . Anticlimaxes

Well, there I was. Fully aware that the calender had flipped to my release date. Fully aware that I would never have a release date for this book again (I mean, I already got two--that's more than most people get, LOL). Fully aware that if I didn't somehow pour some energy into my veins, I would be curling up on the floor into a puddle of exhausted goo before lunchtime.

When best friend Stephanie Morrill kept telling storied about her adorable kiddo kept her humble and anchored during the whole book-release process with cranky days and climbing all over the box of books, I laughed. When it was me whose big day was humbled by children up SEVEN TIMES the night before, leaving me with a whopping four hours of sleep, it wasn't nearly so funny. Still, I tried really hard to get excited. I sent out emails. I posted blogs and Facebook statuses about it. I commented on the lovely Author Spotlight Patty Wyson had put up about me.

And then I dashed out the door to drop Rowyn off at my mom's and take Xoe to Story Time at the library. Fought with them over lunch, battled them back into the car, but Rowyn to bed. Rowyn, who hadn't gotten nearly enough sleep the night before, WOULD NOT go to bed. I rocked him for half an hour and finally got him to sleep. Of course, rocking for half an hour also lulled me into semi-consciousness, so I had to go nap too.

By the end of the day, feeling more human, I was so ready for the excitement to bear some fruit. I was thrilled by the comments I had gotten on the various postings about the book. I was feeling pretty good, pretty happy, ready to take my place in the annals of history as a fabulous writer! (Okay, exaggeration. LoL)

And then my hubby said, "Log in to the store and see if we have any orders."

Um, ugh. Nothing bursts my bubble like reality. Because of course there were no orders yet. Not surprising with a small press book on the first day, but still. Being me, I had hoped.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm still excited, I'm having a blast with these first days of promo, of holding those finished books in my hand and saying, "Wow. These are gorgeous." But I've also resigned myself to the fact that, unlike in a book, each story in reality doesn't have a definite climax. Or at least, not when you expect it. And that's okay--because my story's written by a fabulous Author who knows way better than I do where this plotline should go!

(Reminder--you can still enter to win a copy of the book at Patty's blog through the 6th!)


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