Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Story Time . . . My A STRAY DROP OF BLOOD!!

Well, it's December 1, which means my book is officially released!! I think this calls for something special, so this is the one Story Time that will be dedicated to my book.

First off, today and tomorrow I'm being featured on a blog called Patterings by Patty Wysong, and we'll be giving away a copy of the book. So if you want a chance to win, leave a comment over there! She even put up an excerpt of the book, which I think is awesome.

Anyway. For today, I'm not going to tell you what I think about Stray Drop anymore--I'm going to show you what others are saying.


Haunting and powerful are two words that come to mind at the close of reading Roseanna M. White’s debut novel, A Stray Drop of Blood. Not since Francine Rivers’ Mark of the Lion trilogy has a book and its characters captured me so completely. From its rich, historical prose that depicts the era of Christ with startling reality, to a compelling love story that will both jolt and seize your heart, this is one of those rare novels that haunts you centuries beyond the last page.
Ms. White states she began writing A Stray Drop of Blood on Good Friday, a significance not lost in the telling of this tale that revolves around the crucifixion of Christ and the life-changing impact of “a stray drop of blood” on a Hebrew girl. At a young age, Abigail is sold into slavery to a kind Roman centurion, in whose household she grows in favor and beauty. She soon catches the eye of her master’s centurion son, handsome but worldly Jason Visibullis, who seeks to possess her, body and soul. In his quest to own Abigail’s love completely, Jason weds her, redeeming her from the bonds of slavery. But it is the blood of Christ that provides true redemption, not only for Abigail, but for her master’s household and husband as well. And amid the seething unrest of Roman tyranny and Hebrew uprising, a spell-binding saga unfolds, unleashing startling twists of both fate and heart that will leave you utterly breathless.
~ Julie Lessman
author of the Daughters of Boston Series
A Stray Drop of Blood is a fast-paced story that keeps you guessing until the very end. The unexpected plot twists and action make for an entertaining read—not your average ‘I-know-how-this-is-going-to-end’ type of tale.

One thing that author Roseanna White really nails is influencing a readers’ emotions via characterization. When main character Jason Visibullis was introduced, I took an instant dislike to the man, which rapidly turned to disgust. However, later on, White managed to completely change my opinion of him, and he became one of my favorites.

I think this is an important book because of how well it describes the plight of women. Granted, this happens to be told from a slave’s point of view, but even contemporary women will relate to the way heroine Abigail is treated. Ultimately this is a story of hope and contentment.

If you’re a lover of Biblical era novels, then this is the book for you…or a great Christmas gift for someone you know that has a Bible times penchant.

~ Michelle Greip
author of Gallimore


"[White] draws the reader in with irresistible characters and keeps him reading with complex action and a heart-clutching story. Not to be missed by anyone who loves Biblical fiction!"

~Marta Perrry
author of Leah's Choice and Rachel's Garden
“In A Stray Drop of Blood, Roseanna M. White delivers a spellbinding tale that will whisk readers back in time, to the last days of Jesus. Like an artfully-woven tapestry, the story is rich in colorful details of the city and its people… and the fearsome political climate that changed Jerusalem, forevermore. When you’ve finished this book, you’ll want more from this talented author!”

~Loree Lough
award-winning author of 74 novels that are “touching hearts and changing lives”
A Stray Drop of Blood is a complex and captivating story full of characters I both adored and despised, sometimes at the same time. I loved the rich historical setting and how it wove effortlessly through the plot. The story is unpredictable, addictive, and full of hope even in the saddest of scenes. An excellent debut from Ms. White.”

~Stephanie Morrill
author of The Reinvention of Skylar Hoyt Series
“ I love biblical fiction. I love reading about how the ordinary people really lived during that time and related to each other without haloes drawn around their heads and a chorus of angels singing in the background. And Roseanna White does a splendid job in A Stray Drop of Blood of bringing the days and months surrounding the crucifixion to brutal reality through the eyes of a young Hebrew girl. If you enjoy biblical fiction like I do, pick this one up. You won't be disappointed.”

~Golden Keyes Parsons
author of Darkness to Light Series
“Prepare to be transported to Rome in the time of Jesus by this powerful debut novel. With a cast of compelling characters and a roller-coaster plot, this is a memorable tale that will stay with you long after the last chapter is read. Abigail's journey of faith and love is nothing short of miraculous. Biblical fiction fans will find it extremely rich and satisfying.”

~Terri Kraus
author of The Project Restoration Series:
The Renovation, The Renewal, The Transformation


  1. Congratulations, Roseanna! Book release day is always a happy day!

  2. Congratulations on your re-release day! So happy to have "met" you and hope I get a chance to read your book! It sounds amazing!!


  3. What raving reviews!!! How exciting! Roseanna, I am sooooo looking forward to reading this book! Big CONGRATULATIONS girl! Whoo, hooo!